7 Dreamy retro deco ideas just in time for fall

In the fall season retro elements shine in an gorgeous way making the best of this dreamy and nostalgic season. So, if you’re feeling like getting some vintage themed inspiration, here are 7 dreamy retro deco ideas just in time for fall:

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1. Cozy & romantic day at home

This fall get more romantic and make a cozy living room that scream romance! Choose a golden and vintage mirror that will make this space look bigger and also decorate this room with a velvet sofa in an Earthy and autumn shade, mid century chairs and the most romantic flowers and candles you can choose! You can also go for a gorgeous oil painting for an extra elegant touch.

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2. Extravagant vibes

A retro themed space can be as maximalist as you wish. So, get extravagant and pair velvet elements with golden pieces, dark colors and creative prints. You bedroom will look glam and modern and you will love the result!

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3. Get your groove on!

Get inspired by the fun Seventies and decorate your living room with the glorious vibe of this classy decade. Choose a mid century inspired sofa and match it with a tiny bar, retro lamps and geometrical deco elements.

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4. The retro inspired dining space

If you’re a cinema fan make a themed dining space around one of your favorite vintage movie posters or pictures with celebrities from the Golden Hollywood era. Choose a retro chairs and a retro table for this dreamy space and decorate this area with colorful flowers and also a vintage floor lamp.

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5. Sleep tight!

Make a mid century themed bedroom super cool and modern by painting a white wall with geometric shapes in happy colors. Also, decorate a mid century bedroom with pillows and covers in fall shades and math it with mid century nightstands, art deco lamps and a lot of green plants.

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6. Retro is cool

A retro inspired kitchen space is always an elegant idea. So, choose a classy and dark shade for your kitchen cabinets and pick a vintage oven and cool open shelves decorated with dreamy cook books and vintage themed deco elements.

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7. Working days, cozy days

Create a mix between modern and retro for your office space and pair a modern chair with a vintage desk. Give the whole room a retro and fall vibe with artsy framed pictures mixed with the cool abstract art and add also retro covers in autumn shades.

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