2020 back with the ’20 – 7 Retro things we love in the New Year

It’s the ’20 again, another era, yet the same taste for home design. The glorious, luxurious and retro twenties are still rocking the interior design world and since we recently welcomed 2020, here are 7 retro things from the decadent twenties we still love for The New Year, with their fresh, chic and trendy vibe, of course:

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1. The serving coffee/lounge area

Remember  the ’20, their home parties and dinner and the way the entertained guests? Well, we find nook, lounge areas and space to have friends over or entertain guest more and more attractive because a calm interior and our bound with friends and family are getting more and more important in our lives. To make this space trendier, choose velvet elements, retro inspired lamp, golden touches and green plants. As for your coffee table, choose a retro inspired one and decorate it with art albums, books, candles and artsy deco elements.

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2. Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are back in any color you can think of. If you want a fresh vibe go with yellow or mustard ones or if you want to go glam and retro think of grey or emerald velvet curtains. For a soft effect and a versatile look, dusty pink velvet curtain will do the trick and if you want a vintage and theatrical look go for red for your velvet curtains.

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3. Round pillows

The chicest pillows you can choose right now for your home are the round velvet pillows. Add them of your armchairs, sofas and chairs and mix them with rectangular or normal pillows, all in retro inspired colors. They will make you instantly think and dream about the decadent twentiest.

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4. Bar carts

Bar carts are great for a home, for your living room, hallway or even a special bar corner. They are great party starters and also look amazing in any home. Choose a golden one and decorate it with fabulous glasses and bottles. Also, surround it with dreamy framed pictures and oversized green plants.

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5. A vanity area

In the twenties they loved the vanity area and now we also focus on this beauty corner when thinking about our bedroom. What to do new? Well, pick a gorgeous ottoman chair with frills or one made with velvet and golden details and give that glam and retro touch to your dreamy vanity corner. Choose also golden deco elements or even a golden vanity and decorate this space with retro inspired painting or framed pictures.

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6. Record players

Yes they had records in the twenties and now we still want to listen to different record in a vintage inspired retro player. It makes any room look vintage and cool and also the music played on a record player amazing and nostalgic. If you want a dreamy vintage inspired record player you can check a stylish selection here.

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7. Art deco furniture

The star of the twenties, the art deco furniture, is now very popular and makes any room dreamy and luxurious. From round golden mirrors to round shaped chairs and armchairs that look like shells, choose art deco furniture for a retro inspired home and you will love the result!

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