Tips Measures to eliminate Bed Bugs

If bedbugs are disturbing you at your home, you will find this article useful as it entails ways you can get rid of them. If bedbugs have bitten you, chances are next morning, or immediately you will start looking for ways to get rid of these insects. After bites are painful, and when you try to look for them, they

10 New and original items we love at Urban Outfitters we love right now

We love discovering original elements when it comes to home decor and this month we want to show you some creative and bohemian items we found while looking at Urban Outfitters. So, check out 10 new and original items we love at Urban Outfitters right now: 1. The retro looking dresser A great design piece to have in any bedroom space

Best Advice To Sell An Outdated Home

If you own an outdated house, you will probably want to upgrade at some point. Most American homeowners prefer to sell and move to a contemporary home because makeovers are expensive and time-consuming. But you may come across some challenges when selling an old and shabby house for obvious reasons. Why would anyone want to buy it in the first

6 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment

The Maximalist style is that crowded style that looks amazing and that shines trough its brilliant bold colors and prints. But making a Maximalist interior isn’t that easy because it can easily look like a kitschy room or a space full of clutter. So, check out 5 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment: Photo credit 1. Forgetting to blend the colors you