Light grey Scandinavian apartment

Even though the color palette is on the cold side, this light grey Scandinavian apartment is warm and inviting due. This is a 2.5 room apartment in Gothenburg, that is currently on sale. I love the light grey shades of the living room walls and how well they work with the preserved stucco. The central light piece is a modern

3 Things Scorpios love in their home

Mysterious and passionate, Scorpios will search for two kinds of interiors when decorating their homes. They will either pick a minimal space in white and neutrals either one full of bold colors like red, orange and of course the enigmatic black. This signs love high quality items and furniture as well as statement pieces. Scorpios have a great eye for

H&M Home for the love of art collection

H&M Home partenered with four amazing female artists to create the H&M Home for the love of art collection that launched a couple of days ago. The collection is full of beautiful prints, cozy pillows and throws, decorative pieces and creative details! I’m especially in love with the mugs, hihihi. But let’s discover the story behind the collab and the