Shades of grey in a small Scandinavian attic apartment

Minimal style and lovely shades of grey today in a small Scandinavian attic apartment! The space is full of light and has such a luxurious vibe due to the of shades and texture throughout.   Ambassador Makleri Shop this post:   JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

DIY Roof Replacement: Should You Do It?

You may be tempted to replace the roof of your house by yourself. With all the DIY tutorials available online, it does not seem like a hard task. Additionally, roofing is a very big project and can be expensive. This further motivates you to do things on your own and save money. However, DIY, while great, does not work for

How To Pay For A Basement Renovation?

People often neglect the basement of their house, allowing spiders and other insects to inhabit. But you can turn this area into a comfortable living space. A finished basement adds value to your home; therefore, when the house is up for sale, you can expect to get a good value. Whether you want to turn it into a game room

Light & airy home in the suburbs of Vancouver

This beautiful light & airy home in the suburbs of Vancouver features a mix between traditional and modern for a cozy and relaxed result. The home has a generous open space living room and kitchen, plus a little breakfast nook and dinning area with clean lines, lots of white furniture and gold details.  It was designed by Canadian studio Hazel