7 chaise lounge chair styling ideas

Maybe you’ve seen in on Pinterest  or maybe you’ve heard of it, but the certain thing is that everybody is now talking about the chaise lounge chair! What is a chaise longe? Well, nothing easier, a chaise lounge chair is a daybed, a sophisticated sofa that’s defined by a chair which is long enough to hold your feet. This type

How To Safely Thaw Frozen Pipes

During severe winter, a frozen pipe can be a challenge that can bring fear and dismay to any homeowner experiencing it. Temperatures might drop too low making the water in vulnerable pipes freeze and expand. In the long run, the pipe can even rapture. When the ice liquefies in a few days, the free-flowing water will leak out from the

Ikea Trends in 2022

We all love Ikea’s affordable home design ideas and concepts. Even if we are talking about nice accessories, plants or furniture, we are very excited to find out the Ikea Trends in 2022. From new furniture pieces to room inspiration, Ikea is offering decor ideas worldwide. Meanwhile, if you are thinking to remodel your apartment or some of your rooms

6 Dark kitchen spaces you will love in 2022

It’s time for 2022 and every new year we love to talk about the home decor new trends. In terms of kitchen spaces, dark kitchens rule 2022 bringing a modern and luxurious twist to this practical space. There are many types of dark kitchens that are trending right now, so check out 6 Dark kitchen spaces you will love in

Smart Lighting: 4 Things Homeowners Should Know

The light bulb is perhaps one of the greatest innovations of the 1880s. It revolutionizes how people live and significantly improves the ease with which they can illuminate their houses.    Taking a look forward to the 2000s, you’ll observe design and technological advancements that were previously inconceivable for conventional light bulbs. That is until smart lighting came along and changed