6 Gorgeous green walls ideas for a chic home decor look

Forget about the classic white or grey walls! The new trends say green is the new white for walls. First of all green walls do look different, they’re not boring at all and they can be found in different shades making a space relaxing, classy or elegant looking. Here are 6 gorgeous green walls ideas for a chic home decor look:

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1. Nature vibe

If you love nature and want a nature themed space, green walls will do the trick. For a calm and relaxed summer choose a soft shade of green and surround these wall with different kinds of green plants. This idea will work amazing for a minimal looking living room or a farmhouse inspired kitchen space.

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2. A green wall for a tropical vibe

If you want an exotic space a bold green wall or room painted in forest green will do the trick. Here statement and exotic colors such as pink, yellow or orange will look amazing and also oversized or tropical plants will emphasize on the exotic vibe of this room. Also, to make this green space exotic & fabulous choose gold deco elements and small pieces of furniture.

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3. Scandinavian spirit

If you search for a calm and relaxed look for your living room, bedroom and even bathroom space a soft green wall paired with a white one will bring the vibe you truly desire. Make this space more relaxing and magical with a woven nook, neutral curtains and magic lights.

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4. Fancy evening

A space will instantly become fancy an elegant with the help of a green wall, especially if you add frames on it to make it look even more sophisticated. Match this wall with elegant furniture and stylish lights and choose this style for a dining space, an office, a classy living room or an elegant bedroom.

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5. Modern touch

A green wall will make a space also looking very modern. So, choose it for a hi-tech room filled with cool deco elements that can stand out. Also, pair a dark green wall with neutrals and metallic deco elements and utilities. Moreover, don’t forget the chic green plants that work woders in a modern space and next to a green wall.

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6. The classy green walls

Green walls are also super classy and work great with glam, modern and elegant furniture. These walls will look great for a glam bedroom or living room with velvet furniture and golden lights and decor elements. Pair it also with pink sheets and artsy painting and framed pictures. The result will be super stylish!

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