5 Cabinet garden ideas you will love for your dreamy home

Let us welcome the new cool trend featuring plants – cabinet gardens. We are in love with them, they look amazing and they truly give a new purpose to the window cabinets we often see with books, decor elements, dishes or jewelry. To help you out getting creative with your own home garden, here are 5 cabinet garden ideas you will love for your dreamy home:

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1. The lighted garden

Check out this cool window cabinet from IKEA and how modern it can get with some lights and some extra creative storage solution – aka a metallic board. So, add in this dreamy cabinet your favorite tiny and medium plants, make them the star of this arrangement with lights and mix and match them with different gardening elements or small decorations. Also, add even more light in the space and match this lovely cabinet with an elegant floor lamp.

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2. On the balcony

Pick a dreamy window cabinet for your gorgeous balcony or terrace. This arrangement will look like the perfect tiny greenhouse anyone can have in their home. So, emphasize on the greenhouse vibe and surround it with tiny home trees and oversized plants. Isn’t it dreamy?


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3. Mix & Match

Choose a stylish window cabinet also from IKEA and mix and match your favorite plants with decor elements. From a vase, to a beloved vintage element, a globe or just an artsy decor piece, these dreamy pieces will make the cabinet garden more interesting, making it the star of your terrace or balcony.

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4. Nature inspired elements

For a calm room choose a nature inspired cabinet garden and decorate it in a green & brown color scheme with neutral accents. Give the whole space a relaxing vibe and make the plants shine by arranging them by type, size and height. Also, mix and match this lovely cabinet with themed elements like framed pictures of leaves or flowers and a vintage looking watering can.

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5. Vintage vibes

A vintage inspired cabinet garden is always a great idea, especially if you paint it in a darling and calm pastel shade. Make this cabinet a storage solution for anything you want to hide away if you have closed doors but on top of it make a small plant heaven. To, make everything more glam and chic match your favorite plants with golden decor elements and add on top of them an artsy gallery wall in an Earthy & golden color scheme.

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