Anthropologie Holiday collection 2022

If you’re one of those people who starts planning Christmas shopping list beginning of November, you’re not the only one! You get so excited about the Holiday Season and wander around stores trying to find the perfect gift for every friend and family? We’ve got you covered!

For example, there are some who love everything about Christmas and others that don’t understand it. On the other hand, if you think about it, what’s not to like about the holidays? Everybody comes together, you get to see your family again and, most importantly, receive some presents.

If you’re stuck with ideas for gifts and decoration this year, please have a look at the Anthropologie Holiday collection for 2022. Not only you’ll find a a great selection of decorating items for your house but also some gifts that will get you out of trouble. Find here below some of our favorites!

Scented Candles gift set

Celebrate the coming of Christmas with one of this lovely scented candles sets. If you’re a scented candle lover, this will be your perfect gift to offer to yourself. Or maybe, you have another friend who loves scented candles, you can’t go wrong with this. This charming set offers different odors from cedar to vanilla orchid.

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Seasons Greetings Pillows

One of the easiest ways to bring in the holiday spirit in your living room is by upgrading the sofa pillows. For example, you can choose some cheerful ones with Christmassy messages that will fit perfectly with the Christmas vibe. You can definitely change the pillows not only in the living room but in the bedroom, as well.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Are you feeling a bit nostalgic about your childhood’s Christmas tree? What about replacing some of the ornaments with some vintage ones? If you can’t find the original ones from when you were a child, take a look at these lovely vintage glass ornaments. If you want to create some nostalgic time, you can definitely offer it as a gift, as well.

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Christmassy Throw Blanket

Think about the ultimate Christmas cozy corner with your favorite Holiday film and hot chocolate and a warm throw blanket. For instance, you can create this corner in every single room if you have the perfect cozy blanket. There are never too many in your house!

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Cozy Tree Skirt

It’s really important that you create the perfect environment to receive the perfect gifts, on Christmas. Not only it has to be lovely and friendly but also to be the perfect backdrop for the big number of gifts. For example, a simple but timeless white Christmas tree skirt will be the best option.

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Festive Mugs

Another great way to get into the Christmas spirit starting with your morning coffee, it’s the mug! For example, find a festive one with a cheerful message that will put you into the right mood for the day ahead.

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Advent Calendar Puzzles

One of the most important thing to do during the Holiday Season is to spend quality time with your family and friends. That’s why, a great idea of a gift will be an advent calendar with different puzzles. You can spend time putting them together and creating lovely memories.

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Hope you enjoyed the Anthropologie Holiday collection 2022, you can check out the ZARA Home Christmas collection as well.


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