6 Christmas table styling ideas

Are you really excited about the Holiday Season and you’ve started your research for decorating? Us too! There is no way you will not add some decorations in your home beginning of December. It will bring cheer and joy every single day and will put you in a good mood, for sure.

For instance, there are people who will go all the way in with decorating items. Starting from the living room, going through kitchen and in the bathroom, as well. Who says when is enough?

On the other hand, let’s take it easy and start thinking about one of the most important things around holidays, such as the Christmas dinner. If you have some pieces that you already bought past years to decorate it, great! In addition, if you don’t want to spend a fortune with new decorating items, it’s fine. We’ve researched, to help you for inspiration, 6 Christmas table styling ideas, below.

1. Christmas table styling ideas: Simple and modern

If you live in a modern house with simple decorating style, you can definitely do the same for your Christmas table. For example, play with some neutral tones for the tablecloth and add some gold touches. In addition, to keep the holiday feeling in, add on the table some pine tree branches. It will bring everything together in a simple but very Scandinavian way.


2. Traditional Christmas setting

Bring back your childhood memories with a traditional Christmas dinner table setting. For example, use your white dishes that you use during the year, pair it with gold cutlery and spice things up with some accessories. Then, add a lot of greenery with pine to bring in the Christmas smell and complete the look with some reindeer gingerbread.

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3. Black and White Christmas table arrangement

Are you a fan of monochromatic theme? Then, use it for your Christmas dinner as well. For sure you’ll have the items already in your house, you just need to add some pop of color with some accessories, like some pine branches and pinecones.


4. Farmhouse Christmas table styling idea

Maybe you spend your Christmas at the mountains, in a lovely chalet and you need to make the most of what you have. So, find some simple, white, candles, add some pine branches and add a touch of red with some berries for a festive feeling.

Julie Blanner

5. Dreamy and cozy Christmas table styling idea

If you’re not planning on organizing a big Christmas dinner or you want to create a cozy atmosphere, it’s totally fine. Make sure to have a simple table cloth, add some candles for the warm feeling and a bit of red for a festive atmosphere.

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6. Vintage vibes

Create a farmhouse vintage dinner with some simple but effective touches. For instance, cut some cedar or pine branches and place them around the table. But don’t stop here, you can place them around the house, as well. Then, use your existing plates and candle holders in order to create a merry table display. If you feel that it’s not enough, add some Christmassy decorating items on the table that will make you feel festive.

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