2023 interior wall colors

When we start getting to the end of the year, some of us already start thinking about the plans for next one. Also, if you’re thinking on remodeling or maybe make a few changes around your house, next year, you will definitely have a lot of research to do. From colors to patterns, materials and design choices, it’s better to be informed.

For instance, if you love the trends, you need to take a look at the ones for next year. On the other hand, if your a timeless design kind of person, you’re totally fine with just a refreshing changes. For example, you can choose to paint some walls or maybe change some pieces of furniture.

Firstly, we’ll give you a help with your research for next year decorating trends. To help you find a favorite, we’ve gathered here below some 2023 interior wall colors that will be “In”.

1. 2023 interior wall colors: Black Canvas from Behr Paint

According to them, this color of paint could be a perfect starting point if you want to add other patterns or textures. However, if you want to create a cozy vibe, could work too. It’s a calming color that brings peace and harmony. Also, it’s a shade inspired by nature and you can paint it wherever you want a quiet and peaceful room.

Behr Paint

2. 2023 interior wall colors: Redend Point from Sherwin Williams

If you’re a neutral lover, you’ll adore this one. Basically, this shade it’s a pale rosy brown that’s warm and inviting. Even if you want to use it for the entrance walls, the kitchen or why not, the bathroom, it will definitely make you feel cozy. It’s minimal, calming and intriguing and can be used to relax your mind and soul.

Sherwin Williams

3. Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore

Are you in search of electric optimism for 2023? So, that being said, you need this shade in your house. It’s a coral tinged with pink that will transform every wall into a bold one. Maybe you think it’s too much for all the walls in a room, you can definitely choose it for an accent wall. Certainly, this shade of paint will definitely make a statement and change the entire vibe of the room.

Benjamin Moore

4. Wenge from Benjamin Moore

This shade it’s a deep chocolate with hints of black and brown that combines comfort and drama. At least, you can use it for outdoors for a rich update on traditional taupe exteriors or maybe indoor, for a focal point. For example, you can use it in the kitchen, it combines perfectly with white furniture or in the living room, for a accent wall or on the ceiling.

Benjamin Moore

5. 2023 interior wall colors: Vining Ivy from Glidden

If you’re a fan of bright, marine tones, this will be your favorite. This shade blends a lovely blue with white to create a calming shade. Moreover, it will also fit for modern but also classic decorating style. If you are not sure where to use it, it can absolutely adapt every space. You can also use your creativity and play with this shade on a single wall or maybe on some finishing touches.


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