Top 8 affordable vintage rugs for your home

When redecorating a home, one of the most difficult pieces to buy is a new rug. There are so many options on the market, that you may be confused of what to buy. I’m in the process right now and I’m scouting rugs online like crazy. Still, depending on the style of your home a vintage or a vintage style rug can be a great choice. So, why not discover together the best affordable vintage rugs for your home?

Before buying rugs online be sure to do your measurements correctly, trust me on this one, I bought rugs that were to small or too big and I had to return them. Speaking about that, check out the return policy on them and also read the reviews, they are super important.

1.Vintage Hamadan Gody Oriental Distressed Rug in red hues

A beautiful and fierce affordable vintage style rug with classic motifs that are displayed in red hues and finished in an antique patina.  This vintage rug can work great in a neutral living room or bedroom that needs a pop of color or in eclectic style spaces. Buy it here.

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2. Washable Southwestern Vintage Style Area Rug

Yes, yes, this is washable rug! Of course, if you spill something you can put in the washing machine! How cool is that? This no hassle southwestern vintage style area rug comes in different sizes so you can pick the right one for you. Also, Rugs USA has a lot of more washable rugs options.  Find this one here.

8 Best affordable vintage rugs for your home

Rugs USA

3. Vintage Distressed Boho Valvi Oriental Rug in blue & yellow

A fabulous blend of old world style and motifs. This blue and yellow vintage affordable rug from Safavieh is quite charming and can work great in modern space as well. However, silky enhanced synthetic fibers are woven into classic Persian medallion designs, for a timeless style. Finally, you can find it here.

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4. Oriental Pattern Printed Vintage Area Rug in Olive tones

Bring bohemian style and elegance to your space with an oriental style vintage area rug in olive tones. As you can seen, you will find a intricate distressed oriental botanical pattern with shades of grey, gold, black, beige, ivory, and rust, enhanced with a subtle patina for extra warmth. Find it here.

Alexander Home

5.Vintage Medallion Rug in Grey & Ivory

A fun and playful addition to any room but with a vintage twist! This is what this rug is, hence, a  fusion of fashion-forward patterns, vibrant colors and plush textures.  I really love the subtle magenta details. Buy it here.

8 Best affordable vintage rugs for your home

From Safavieh

6. Rustic Vintage Rug in White and Brown

Another vibrant style is this rustic vintage rug in white and brown with red, blue and green details. Nevertheless, the colorful hues are quite subtle so that the rug can be an elegant addition to every space. Pair it with woody tones and you’ll get a perfect charming effect. Find it here.

8 Best affordable vintage rugs for your home

Artistic Weavers

7. Ivory Medallion Vintage Area Rug

A very neutral and subtle choice for minimal, modern or Scandinavian interiors! This ivory medallion vintage area rug is perfect as a living room centerpiece, a aesthetic piece in your bedroom or a kitchen runner. Find it here.

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8.Light Pink Jewel Medallion Vintage Area Rug

A modern touch to a classic model, but with vintage patina! This versatile affordable vintage rug will sure get you a lot of compliments. This light pink jewell medallion area rug is easy to incorporate in most rooms and style. Find it here.

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Hope you liked this selection of affordable vintage rugs and they will help and inspire you in home renovation! You can also check out Best Rug Trends of 2023.