10 Easter themed cake recipes that look fabulous

Even at home, make this Easter count and do something really dreamy. If your friends, loved ones or family love sweets, this holiday treat them with a fabulous cake. You have where to choose from, here are ten Easter themed cake recipes that look fabulous:

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1. ”Le Lapin blanc” layer cake

Talking fabulous, here is a cake that will amaze everyone that sees it. So, if you really want to be creative an learn how to do a layered vanilla and white chocolate cake, here is the dreamy recipe.


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2. Pink bunny cake

This is for sure my favorite cake! Not because it’s pink (of course), but also because it looks absolutely amazing. Besides a sweet recipe, take this cake masterpiece as a DIY project and get creative! Find the lovely recipe here.

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3. Strawberry almond layered cake

If you love strawberries and almonds, this sweet and delicious cake is perfect for you. And it’s also gorgeously decorated and pastel colored. Check out the recipe here.

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4. Surprise Easter Cake

Kids love surprises and they will definitely love this colorful cake full of surprises. Why is it so special? Well, this dreamy looking cake is full of candy inside, so start learning the recipe here.

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5. Ice cream cake

Because in the warm season we love to eat ice cream, why not make a themed ice cream cake for a fabulous Easter Party? We found this lovely ”Cadbury creme egg no crunch ice cream cake” recipe we’re sure you will really enjoy, learn it here.

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6. Easter Egg Cake

Colorful & sophisticated, this amazing cake looks like a wedding one. But, you can do this vanilla cake at home, it’s actually really easy! So, go and check out the recipe right here.

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7. Bunny cake

Besides people who love to cook, this cake is perfect also for people who love to paint, challenging your imagination! So, learn how to make and paint this dreamy cake right here.


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8. Coconut Easter cake

Let’s not forget the coconut lovers, we know there are a lot of you, so we have this colorful and delicious Coconut Easter cake for you. Learn how to make the recipe here.

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9. Vegan carrot cake

All you vegans out there will love this easy to make vegan cake recipe. It’s also gluten free, delicious and looks amazing! You can go and learn this gorgeous cake recipe right here.

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10. Carrot cake with brown sugar

Last but not least, lets not forget the traditional carrot cake that’s perfectly themed for this holiday. We found one that’s looks fabulous, so go check out the dreamy recipe here.

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