10 Summer themed cocktails to celebrate the end of summer

It’s time for a tropical summer with the most exotic cocktails you can think of. Want to try out new recipes? Gather up some friends and have fun with summer themed ingredients matched with dreamy summer themed decor items. Check out 10 summer themed cocktails for you to enjoy on a hot day:

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1. Pina colada Sangria

Feeling tropical? Then you can try this recipe that combines two summer favorites in one. The Pina colada Sangria is definitely a party starter and looks super delicious, so check out the recipe here.

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2. Strawberry Mango Sangria

A refreshing and cool summer cocktail is certainly the stylish looking Strawberry Mango Sangria. It’s great for people who love sweet drinks so go and learn the dreamy recipe here.

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3. Green tea with Fuji apple and ginger rum shaker

This exotic cocktail is super refreshing and will make you think you’re on a beautiful island. So try this cool mix and just relax. Start learning the recipe here.

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4. Fresh Fig & Lavender Spritz

This is another yummy pink cocktail recipe you can try, but this one is alcohol free. So, make this dreamy summer refreshment as often as you wish and learn the recipe here.

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5. Refreshing Gin and tonic

Think of special ways to make your gin and tonic more yummy and fabulous. This pink one with rosemary is just perfect for a dreamy summer party. Check out this chic recipe here.

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6. Friends with benefits rose punch

This cocktail looks amazing and its name only makes you think this is a definitive party starter. So, if you like pink drinks this is the one for you. Go here and learn this dreamy recipe.

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7. Grapefruit salty dog

A sour cocktail that’s easy to do, this cute recipe will instantly capture everyone’s attention with its fun name. Curios already? Well, check out this vodka based cocktail right here.

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8. Lavender Lemonade Martini

If you love a Martini cocktail try this fresh recipe that’s perfect for summer. It looks elegant and it’s for sure delicious, so plan a small home party an go check out the recipe here.

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9. Pear rosemary spritzer

Super refreshing and served extra cold, this summer spritzer will cool off your day and it also has a special ingredient – pear. So, go ahead and find out the recipe right here.

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10. The rose cocktail

This romantic looking pink cocktail with make your day blossom. It looks absolutely amazing so make sure you serve it in a fancy glass. So, go and check out this rose cocktail recipe right here.


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