10 Delicious savoury recipes for Easter

It’s almost Easter so check out some delicious savoury recipes for appetizers, side or main dishes and prepare a special brunch and dinner for your loved ones. Get creative, learn something new and check out ten delicious savoury recipes for Easter:

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1. Floral pink Deviled eggs

This chic appetizer is a new and trendy way to do the traditional Deviled eggs. It’s delicate, feminine, looks dreamy and its also spring theme so this year try this recipe, learn it here.

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2. Garlic ranch mashed potatoes

Any potato recipe is ideal for an Easter brunch or dinner, so this time we have a ranch inspired one. Also, it has delicious garlic inside, so if you want a mashed potato recipe, try this one here.

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3. Honey brown sugar roasted carrots

More of an appetizer than a main dish, this easy to do Easter recipe is super healthy and looks super delicious. Also, is perfect for a traditional Easter themed dinner, so check out the recipe here.

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4. Parmesan roasted carrots

Another great Easter appetizer with carrots is – Parmesan Roasted Carrots – a great snack idea for people who love cheese, and I know there are a lot of you there. So, go and try it and check out the recipe here.

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5. Cheddar ranch twice backed potatoes

Speaking of appetizers, how about some potatoes with cheese? They are great along your favorite main dish with meat, so go and start making a shopping list and learn the recipe here.

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6. Potato frittata

If you want to try a potato recipe, why not try a delicious frittata. It looks amazing, it can represent achallenge  and I’m sure all of your loved ones will love it. Go here to check out this dreamy recipe.

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7. Bacon and eggs breakfast pockets

An easy to dish that’s perfect for any hour of the day, the bacon and eggs breakfast pockets are great for people who love pastry and also breakfasts. Check out the recipe here.

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8. Bacon and egg cups

These appetizers look super cute and being shaped like an egg makes them ideal for a themed holiday dinner. So, if you like them, go here to learn how to make this special Easter recipe.

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9. Egg bites

How about some yummy and puffy egg bites? Well, this pastry inspired appetizer is simple, yer sophisticated and trendy so do try this recipe for Easter. Check it out here.

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10. Carrot shaped cheese ball

A cute looking dish like this where you can dip bread, biscuits or vegetables will make your Easter table look super creative. Also, I’m sure your kids will love it, so go and try out the recipe here.

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