8 Dreamy DIY Easter eggs for a stylish holiday

This season we have more time, so lets decorate the Easter eggs in a very stylish way using elegance and creativity. He have eight dreamy DIY Easter eggs ideas for a stylish holiday, so start getting creative:

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1. The field queen

If you have a farmhouse kitchen, dining space or table setup, this Easter eggs will be perfect for your home decor. They look simple, yet beautiful and they are pretty creative, so learn how to craft them here.

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2. The dreamy jungle

We are sure your kids will love this animal themed eggs that you can make along with them. All you need is a lot of imagination so go ahead and learn here how you can reproduce your favorite animals on Easter eggs.

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3. Stylish faces

Because line art is super popular in home decor, choose this stylish art also for your Easter Eggs. For an elegant vibe use black and gold as the main color combo and learn how to paint your dreamy Easter eggs here.

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4. Pastel touches

Another cool way to use line art is using it in a calm and relaxing way by mixing it with a pastel or neutral color scheme. This creative way to make your Easter eggs will blend it perfectly with a table setup full of tree branches and spring flowers, so learn how to make them here.

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5. Glam marble look

Marble is IN again so make your stylish Easter eggs to look like it. It’s a very cool texture you can choose for eggs so make it more glam with a little bit of gold. Check out the DIY tutorial here.

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6. Ultra glam

For a glam table setting and a retro-glam home, this Easter egg paint idea will be perfect. These eggs look modern, but also like small deco elements, so check out more about this DIY idea here.

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7. Ethno inspired eggs

Your boho home really needs this kind of decorated Eggs. Think of your favorite ethno or aztec print and make these creative and stylish looking Easter eggs for your holiday table setup. Check out the DIY project here.

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8. For the love of colors

This is a very stylish way of mixing trends and colors. All you have to do is look at a 2020 Pantone color catalogue (you can find one here) and choose your favorite shades. Check out more details here.

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