12 Delicious coffee drinks according to your zodiac sign

Do you love coffee as much as I do? Then, you should definitely check out which coffee goes with which sign or just learn a lot about different types of coffee and try all of them! Regardless, it’s all  fun and games, so check out 12 delicious coffee drinks according to your zodiac sign:

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1. Aries – Cold brew

You’re a born leader and you see the world in your own special way, that’s why only a special blend can really make you happy and get your day started with energy and creativity. That’s why I suggest the new and popular cold brew, with coffee, tonic water, ice and/or milk, a cool mix nobody can refuse.

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2. Taurus – A sweet coffee

Hello again sweet Taurus and what do I have for you? A coffee with milk or cream and sugar, of course. You love everything cozy and enjoy a hot drink that lasts while you take your time to watch a TV show or read a book. That’s why you need a coffee that you can drink during the morning or during the day, while you get all comfy!

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3. Gemini – Dalgona coffee

You easily get tired of one thing and want another one, you always want to know what’s new and try it, that’s why the new cool Dalgona coffee its just perfect for you! It also has a stronger type of coffee that will help you have all the energy you need for all the things you want to do during your busy days full of plans and ideas.

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4. Cancer – Flavored coffee

Cancers love sweets and also a good sweet coffee with a special flavor like vanilla or caramel. Anything is possible when it comes to these caring signs that love and appreciate a good treat which they can enjoy in their cozy homes. Do you love flavored coffee?

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5. Leo – Espresso Martini

A strong sign that wants to be the ruler and definitely wants to stand out will love an Espresso Martini. This drink is as classy as its lifestyle and is a good party starter and I know how much Leos love to socialize!

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6. Virgo – Coffee (just coffee) with some milk

I can imagine a precise order that’s coming from a Virgo, a sign that’s as traditional as coffee is. This sign drinks its simple, long and sometimes with milk. A Virgo drinks its coffee as a good day to day to routine and also to help him go through its workaholic day.

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7. Libra – Caffe au lait

Wanting everything pretty in their well balanced life, a Libra will love the dreamy and Instagrammable Cafe au lait. This coffee is also the perfect balance between coffee and milk and Libras will love that.

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8. Scorpio – A dark shot of espresso

You are as dark as a black coffee and also you are as strong as one shot of espresso. It’s all you need to start your confident and passionate day and never forget that a good shot of espresso can be as complex as your personality!

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9. Sagittarius – Pumpkin spice late

You bring passion and spice to the table, you’re super adventurous and you love flavors like cinnamon, that’s why this special fall blend is just perfect for you. Warm up with a good pumpkin spice latte and start a new adventure!

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10. Capricorn – Ice coffee

“You’re cold as ice” sometimes but you also love ice coffees. Its a good coffee that you can take on the go on a busy day and that’s also easy to make and we know that a determined sign as you doesn’t have to much time in its hands with all the work and plans he has.

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11. Aquarius – Matcha coffee

You love nature and natural ingredient that’s why the matcha coffee it’s ideal for you. It’s also fun and original as you and it will make a fun pic for your creative feed.

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12. Pisces – Caffee frappe

Dreamers, spiritual and mysterious beings, Pisces will love to day dream with a good frappe, a drink that’s all in one – ice, milk, cream, a strong coffee blend, ice cream or sweets so I guess the mystery of the Pisces still remains! It’s also a good crowd pleaser, such as you, so go and enjoy it with your friends.

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