10 Yummy BBQ Recipes & Ideas for the perfect summer at home

It’s summer so its sure time for a BBQ party. Go gather up your friends, think of a themed summer party or just decorate your terrace in a dreamy way and start making a cocking list. From meat to vegetarian recipes, here are 10 Yummy BBQ Recipes & Ideas for the perfect summer at home:

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1. Cheese beef burger with Guinness caramelized onion

If you love burgers you will love this classic yet complex one, especially because it has caramelized onion with Guinness. Sounds already good? Then, go and check out the recipe here.

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2. Herby patato salad

Most of the things we grill often need a side dish. Here is a delicious patato salad recipe with yummy herbs. It’s light and perfect for the summer time so check out the recipe here.

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3. Texas twinkies

Do you love jalapenos and meat? Say no more! This yummy recipe is for you and it has a lot of ingredients you will love. So just go and take a look at this delicious recipe here.

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4. Mexican grilled corn

There is no summer without corn (at least for me there isn’t) so besides the classic grilled corn, try out different recipes using this delicious vegetable. Here is a themed Mexican one with some extra spice, check it out.

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5. Balsamic garlic grilled mushrooms

I know there are a lot of mushroom fans out there so you will definitely love this recipe, especially because its with garlic. Also, you can add them on sticks to grill them better, so learn the yummy recipe here.

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6. Bacon bourbon BBQ chicken kebabs

If you like kebabs here is a delicious and easy recipe for you and it also has alcohol in it. So, go get started in a super dreamy BBQ party and learn this yummy recipe here.

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7. Grilled zucchini

If you are a big vegetable fan I bet you sure love zucchini. They are super easy to grill so think of yummy flavours and try out different recipes. Here is an easy one for you.

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8. BBQ onion steaks

Are you a huge onion and vegetable fan? Then, this BBQ recipe is definitely for you and sure looks amazing! Try this caramelized onion recipe on your grill and check out how its done here.

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9. Chicken BBQ

This recipe is yummy and easy to do and it sure looks super delicious. Serve it with a delicious side dish and get the BBQ party started. To learn it, check out the recipe here.

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10. Whipped Feta with Roasted tomatoes

Here is a light recipe that’s perfect for lacto-vegetarians and that’s super fresh for summer. It also looks delicious and can work also as a good side dish. So, check out the recipe here.

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