Top 10 Christmas recipes to try this year

Ho, ho, ho let’s have a Merry Christmas with dreamy recipes and dishes that look super tasty and  will look fantastic on our holiday table. Check out Top 10 Christmas recipes to try this year:

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Christmas desserts ideas

1. Christmas pudding

If you want a traditional celebration with all your friends and family, than a Christmas pudding is an excellent dessert idea to try. Serve it on a fun Christmassy plate and enjoy the holidays together. Find the dreamy recipe here.

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2. The reindeer surprise dessert

If you want to make something with a fantastic shape and if you have the patience for it, then, try the “Reindeer surprise chocolate truffles. Your guests will love it and they really have a surprise in them, check out the recipe here.


3. Red velvet cookies

Looking for a recipe for some themed cookies? Well, this one is just perfect and has the right color. So, choose the gorgeous and delicious “Red Velvet Cookies” and add them in a Christmas themed decor. Find the recipe here.

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4. Vegan Chocolate Gingerbread mini cakes

If you’re looking for a vegan and gluten free desert that looks super delicious, then, this is the perfect one for you. The vegan chocolate gingerbread mini cakes will blend right into your Christmas decor so go and check out the recipe here.

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5. M&M Chocolate cookies

If you love cookies and M&M’s here is an easy recipe for you which you can make even more Christmas themed by picking only the green and red M&M’s. Learn hot to make this dreamy recipe here.

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Christmas savoury dishes 

6. Christmas beef recipe

If you want an easy beef recipe, then we have the one for you and with the perfect side dish you will have the main course of your holiday lunch or dinner. Go and try this recipe you can find here.

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7. Hake Wellington

This dish is super popular and traditional and its just great for a family get together. It represent that cozy comfort food that’s ideal for the holiday season. Check out this fine recipe here.

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8. Christmas salad

We love some good and healthy appetizers even on Christmas, so why not try having a holiday salad that actually looks amazing and super tasty. Learn the recipe here.

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9. The Christmas tree cheese board

If you love wine, then a holiday special wine platter is more than welcomed and you should try this cheese and crackers one made in the ingenious shape of a Christmas tree. Find the recipe here.

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10. Candied Artichokes

If you want a spectacular looking appetizer, than, try one with artichokes. They are special and they always look amazing, so go ahead and learn this lovely recipe right here.

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