IKEA Catalog 2024

For an impressive 70 years, the IKEA catalog was as a perennial delight for design enthusiasts worldwide. Bursting with a lot of stylish, budget-friendly, and on-trend home accessories and furniture. This iconic catalog was a cornerstone in the world of home decor. In the vast landscape of home interiors, it’s almost a universal truth – everyone possesses at least one

IKEA Christmas Collection 2023

Introducing the IKEA Christmas Collection 2023! This year, they invite us to infuse our home with a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season. Delve into the magic of the season with the thoughtfully curated collections: STRÅLA for enchanting lighting and VINTERFINT for delightful holiday accessories. Embodying the essence of “nicely winters” in Swedish, the VINTERFINT collection exudes that

10 NEW IKEA sofas for 2023

Looking to update your living room with a new sofa? IKEA has some exciting plans for their 2023 lineup, which includes both classic and brand new models. The timeless sofa designs are getting a fresh update with different shades and fabrics, including beige, green, grey, neutral tones, and even some brighter options. IKEA is a go-to destination for anyone looking

IKEA Summer 2023 collection

Get ready for summer with the new IKEA summer 2023 collection. This collection includes everything you need to turn your balcony or garden into a paradise, from modular sofas and dining sets to cozy lighting, cushions and decorative items in vibrant colors. Enjoy the great outdoors all summer long—rain or shine! With the IKEA summer collection 2023, you can relax


IKEA has recently released the VARMBLIXT collection, a collaboration with Dutch-New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis. Focusing on home decor, sculptural lighting and playing with light to create a sense of warmth and positivity, this collection is sure to brighten up your home. The name VARMBLIXT – translating to “warm lightning” in Swedish – gives an indication of what’s to come.

IKEA Holiday collection 2022

Yes, the new IKEA Holiday collection 2022 is here! Holiday season is just around the corner and you are already feeling in decorating mood? You’re definitely not the only one! All year long we’ve waited for the holiday collections to be live in order to choose some favorites. For instance, one of the most loved retailers for holidays is Ikea.

New IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING

Say hello to a new IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING! IKEA launched this new rattan range at Paris Design Week part of their IKEA DISTRIKT installation. The showcase features the brand’s ideal future neighbourhood. Still, all the products are available or soon to be available. The new IKEA TOLKNING collection is an affordable and sustainable. The range features, headboards, nightstands, a