IKEA Holiday collection 2022

Yes, the new IKEA Holiday collection 2022 is here! Holiday season is just around the corner and you are already feeling in decorating mood? You’re definitely not the only one! All year long we’ve waited for the holiday collections to be live in order to choose some favorites.

For instance, one of the most loved retailers for holidays is Ikea. With its Scandinavian calm and bright feeling, this year’s Christmas collection is all about traditional Swedish folk art and full of holiday cheer.

Basically, everything you need this Holiday season you can find it at Ikea. From sweet treats to gifts rap and decorations for your home, it’s impossible to not find at least some favorite pieces. You can discover the entire IKEA Holiday collection 2022.

If you’re in search of inspiration for decorating your home,  you can discover some of our favorite pieces from this Ikea holiday collection below.

Christmas set decoration

Bring in the Christmas spirit with this lovely wooden 4 decoration set. Certainly, you can create your own Santa’s Village with this beautiful set with mixed colors.

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Glass tree decorations

How cute are these 3 mushrooms for your Christmas tree? For instance, the combination of red and silver screams Holidays and the clip is strong enough to keep it safe on your tree.

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Lovely gift wrap

If you want to have the best wrapping paper for your gifts this Christmas, Ikea is the place to buy it. Certainly, you will make your friends and family so excited when they will see such lovely wrapped gifts. At the same time, there are many options of colors and patterns, everyone will have a favorite.

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Artificial Christmas tree

If you want to make a change this year and you want to buy an artificial Christmas Tree, at Ikea you will find some options. For example, this one already has led diodes in place. So, if you’re tired of  tangled light chains, this one is for you.

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Hanging decoration

An easy way to bring Holiday spirit is to create a lovely hanging decoration made of Christmas balls. If you’re not a fan of DYI, don’t worry, at Ikea you can find one to create that special feeling in every room of your home.

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Christmas tree balls

What says Holiday spirit more than Christmas tree balls? Even if we are talking about the ones made out of glass, paper or plastic, you just never seem to have enough. Here is an option that will bring some cheer to your Christmas tree.

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Side plates

Do you think of ways to bring in Holiday spirit in your kitchen too? Well, not only you can use decorations for the furniture but also buy Christmas themed plates. For example, you can feel the need of a cookie while watching a Christmas movie on your sofa. It will definitely taste better on a Christmassy side plate.

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Christmassy door mat

Let the Christmas feeling welcome you from your hallway. Who says is it too much to update your door mat, as well? It will brighten up your evening and moreover, you’ll guests will feel welcomed every time they come to your house.

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Advent calendar

You can create a special Holiday moment every single day with the help of an advent calendar. For example, this one has 24 little boxes that can be filled with whatever you fell from candies to Christmas decorations. This way, you will have a special joy daily, until Christmas day.

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