10 New Ikea Products we love this Fall

Bye bye summer! Autumn is the season of comfort and relaxation. After a hot summer season, we only want to be cozy in a harmonious atmosphere surrounded by our favorite things. Here are 10 new Ikea products we love this Fall to get you inspired.

1. New Paintings

A picture set can bring a new and fresh air to your living room. Choose the motifs that suit best to the colors in your house. The greatest advantage is that you can play with the paintings and arrange them however you want.


2. Scented Candles

Always a great choice to refresh the atmosphere and, why not, the mood you’re in. Scented candles in new flavors can improve the quality of the time spent at home alone or with the loved ones.


3. Scented Potpourri

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and feel the fresh smell of grass? Welcome to a light and bright atmosphere inspired by early spring mornings where green is everywhere. These scented potpourri bring nature into your house everyday.


4. Elegant Vase

Give an elegant touch to your house with this simple black vase. Plants have never felt better and you can enjoy a nice view at any time.


5. Multicolor Rug

A touch of color is always welcomed and a multicolor light rug is the best option. Perfect for traffic areas in the house as it is very easy to vacuum.


6. Bed Sheet Set

A linen sheet set with a beautiful texture that creates a casual feeling can be a great invitation for  you to relax after a long hard day. White never fails and it is very easy to wash.


7. Cushion Covers

Give a romantic air to the room by adding these new decorative cushion covers. You can vary the different looks by mixing colors. Not to mention that those covered buttons are nice and simple touch.


8. Pendant Lamp

As the day is getting smaller and the winter is approaching, a pendant lamp can be very useful. Not only it gives an elegant touch to the room, but it is also very practical and  easy to clean.


9. Pegboard

If your office is at home, a pegboard can be very handy. It goes just as perfect in a hallway, in a bathroom or even in the kitchen so you can have all the useful items at hand.


10. Bath mat

Who doesn’t want to place the feet on a soft place after stepping out of the shower? This bath mat is very soft and it’s eco friendly as it is made of recycled polyester and it can be washed in the machine.


Cover photo Ikea

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