IKEA Summer 2023 collection

Get ready for summer with the new IKEA summer 2023 collection. This collection includes everything you need to turn your balcony or garden into a paradise, from modular sofas and dining sets to cozy lighting, cushions and decorative items in vibrant colors.

Enjoy the great outdoors all summer long—rain or shine! With the IKEA summer collection 2023, you can relax and bask in the sun all season long.

IKEA summer 2023: The NÄMMARÖ collection

The Ikea NÄMMARÖ collection is ideal for defining different areas in your garden. This versatile range includes everything from privacy screens to storage boxes with added seating capability. Make the most of your outdoor space with these functional and stylish pieces.

IKEA SEGERÖN outdoor furniture collection

The IKEA SEGERÖN collection is an innovative range of outdoor furniture designed to stand up to any kind of weather or activity. This series is crafted with versatility and flexibility in mind, creating pieces that are perfect for any outdoor setting. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying your yard, this collection can be a great choice.

IKEA TVARÖ rattan sofas

The IKEA TVARÖ collection of rattan sofas is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans, lending a special uniqueness to each piece. To ensure the outdoor furniture can withstand harsh weather conditions, the skin is retained on the rattan poles and the other parts sealed in water-based lacquer for additional protection. Experience effortless luxury with IKEA rattan sofas!

IKEA LÄCKÖ furniture collection

The LÄCKÖ furniture provides a stylish and low-maintenance way to add a touch of romance to any outdoor space. The range combines classic wrought-iron designs with modern touches to create a variety of seating pieces and outdoor shelving. Hence this is perfect for balconies or gardens.

IKEA SOMMARLÅNKE lighting collection

If you want to enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun sets, then look no further than IKEA’s SOMMARLÅNKE lighting collection. Thus making this range of decorative lights is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area.

Hope you enjoyed the new IKEA Summer 2023 collection! Check out the IKEA 2023 catalog as well.