New IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING

Say hello to a new IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING! IKEA launched this new rattan range at Paris Design Week part of their IKEA DISTRIKT installation. The showcase features the brand’s ideal future neighbourhood. Still, all the products are available or soon to be available.

The new IKEA TOLKNING collection is an affordable and sustainable. The range features, headboards, nightstands, a folding screen, pouffe, bench and lots of other little indispensable home pieces. It is made from 100% natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan, willow or even jute. The collection is a blend of natural warmth and bohemian, 70s style.

IKEA’s goal by 2030 is to make 100% of its products of renewable or recycled materials. The TOLKNING collection being a step in this direction.

Check out the new IKEA CATALOG 2023!

New IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING New IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING New IKEA 2023 collection: TOLKNING

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