Silvia’s Hollywood inspired living room

You know I always loved the Old Hollywood style in home decor, I write a lot about it and it think that it defines me the best. So, when I moved to a new home I decided this is going to be the main style of the living room. I also hired local movers in New Jersey.   I thought about velvet chairs, golden elements and prints that make you think about those glam times and now all its left for my home to be perfect is a golden bar cart. So, let me walk you through the story and the inspiration of my Hollywood inspired living room:

As I started to search and pick furniture and deco items my Old Hollywood style got mixed with tropical elements and a lot of pink details. Then, I thought about the Beverly Hills Hotel and said I wanted that gorgeous chic vibe in my home.



From The Old Hollywood style, to a tropical paradise and a Beverly Hills Hotel vibe

The dining area

This is by far my favorite part of my home and a simple idea to try. I always love the round tables because they save up a lot of space. So thinking of the color scheme of my home and these velvet chairs I wanted for months, I settled at pink and blue and styled up the chairs with furry covers and pillows. I added artificial flowers in a golden vase and next to this dining table I added prints that define the inspiration of my home – The Beverly Hills Hotel and one of my favorite pictures ever, taken there – Faye Dunaway after Oscar’s picture.

The bookcase

I never wanted a normal bookcase. I always knew my bookcase will always be accessorized with shoes and bags. So, I picked my favorite and dreamiest shoes and bags and mixed them with my books. All way left to add was a tropical vibe – so I choose an artificial cactus in a pink jar, a tropical candle and my favorite piece – a Led flamingo. Also I wanted to emphasize on the fashionable vibe and that’s why you will see a lot of fashion logos and also a Barbie related corner, inspired by the famous Barbie – Moschino combo.


The sofa area

This is the second piece I brought for my living room and it set the whole mood of this room. It’s always the best idea to start with the sofa so I’m happy I did that. I was in love with these pink IKEA velvet cushion and also I was truly happy when I found this amazing sofa and the big print next to also at IKEA at the ,,defective products” area although they were perfect. The first piece I actually brought for the living room was the terrazzo coffee table that I adore and it’s from Zara home and that matches perfectly the color scheme of the room. Moreover, talking about the styling of this area I thought about a vintage inspired mirror found at Jysk, a golden IKEA lamp and a golden Elvis print which I’m in love with.

The tropical corner

I wanted just one natural plant in my home so I was super happy when I found this palm tree looking like plant which I added next to my Pepco ladder which I styled with some Jysk flamingo lights. Around the TV I kept the Hollywood and Las Vegas focus and printed the Hollywood and Las Vegas sign along with a black and white Elvis photo.

The story of the DIY transformed nightstand

I had this white IKEA nightstand planed for my bedroom, but it was pretty tricky and the drawers were sliding really bad (because I didn’t ensemble it quite right) so I thought it will be a great storage area for my living room and also the perfect space to hide all the TV and internet wires (because it has a small open back). So, it didn’t quite well go with the rest of the living room so I tough about sticking inspirational images on top of it that went with the golden details. And now I absolutely adore it. I styled a golden framed around it and filled a vase with artificial and unusual flowers (my favorite kind – easy maintenance) and also some wine corks. Moreover, I added next to them my favorite coffee table book, written by Rachel Zoe – ,,Living in style”.

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