10 Framed pictures ideas you should try this summer

Framed pictures really define a room, they represent that final touch that shapes an interior and really adds personality in a room. Picking them is usually a difficult process. Although you can easily change them, they still have to have that perfect image that captures your personality, the style of the room and keep you obsessed and fascinated. So, here are ten dreamy ideas of frame work you can pick this summer for your lovely home:

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1. Summer landscape

If you want a tropical home, pick an exotic summer landscape like a cool desert with cactuses. If you’re more of a sea fan and you love a nostalgic vibe in your home, then a dreamy seaside landscape is perfect for your summer home. So, think about what summer means to you and frame your favorite landscape.

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2. Retro feeling

Think about a chill summer day filled with jazz or old music and a lot of art, and also fancy or elegant furniture that surrounds you. That scenario will go great with some retro framed posters in seventies shades or in bold colors that will pop in the room.

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3. Line art

Line art just took a big wave of popularity this year. It looks simply stunning and it truly goes with any room style or any interior you can think of.

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4. Abstract art

Abstract art sure looks cool and it’s super popular right now. Think about the color scheme of the room and math it with your furniture and deco elements. Also, mix it with any kind of pictures for a modern gallery wall.

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5. Identical art

Add two identical framed pictures next to each other. This style will give a modern vibe to any interior and all you have to do is pick your favorite print or abstract art for them.

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6. Seventies inspired art

The Seventies are back this season and their creative art can make a really cool and artsy gallery all. So, mix and match them and you will love the instant pop of color your home will have.

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7. Famous hotels

Nothing says better vacation than framed pictures with a fabulous and famous hotel. So, browse through your favorite hotels or search for the trendiest hotels worldwide and frame their gorgeous design ideas.

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8. Celebrities

Famous pictures of celebrities easily capture you eye and I sure love them. So, think about the celebrity photos that caught your eye during the past year or think about celebrities you like or inspire you and frame their fabulous pictures.

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9. Hello Mexico!

Frida Kahlo is a constant inspiration for this season and her home country, Mexico has a colorful style that’s trending this season. So get inspired by its dreamy culture, by Frida and by all her extravagant art when decoration your home.

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10. Black & White art

Sometimes in a crowded or eclectic room all your need is some black & white art that really shows emotion. So, look for pictures that show feelings and that will instantly capture your attention.

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