Get ready for fall – 6 Sofa styling tricks

You don’t have to change your whole living room to get ready for a fall home. All you need to do is follow some easy sofa styling tricks that will instantly make your living room fall themed:

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1. Choose fall prints for your pillow cushions

The sofa is the main center of attraction for any living room. The easiest way to transform your sofa is by simply changing your pillow cushions. So, instead of some tropical, ethno or pastel ones choose Earthy tones, mountain inspired prints or retro prints and shades.

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2. Get cozy with textiles

Give texture, personality and a cozy vibe to your sofa by adding a lot of covers. Think about glam furry covers, ethno covers with frills or even knitted covers in autumn shades. Think of their color palette when mixing them with your pillows. If you have a lot of printed and colorful pillows in different shapes just choose neutral rugs, they will easily do the trick!

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3. Think of seasonal artwork

Just above your sofa add some themed fall artwork. Think of travelling vintage maps, framed pictures that have mountain or fall landscapes, hanged souvenirs from your summer trips or a colorful and artsy gallery wall that will make your living room looking a little bit retro and autumn themed.

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4. Get cozy with rug layering

We’ve talked in a previous article about rug layering, a cozy and stylish idea for any room of your home. So, if you have a simple room, add a rug layering trick for this fall. Think about furry rugs that are perfect for the cold season and mix them with colorful or ethno ones or with rugs in Earthy tones. Also, mix them in a diagonal style, the trendiest rug layering option for this season.

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5. Style your sofa with dim light

A pendant is just great for a fall sofa styling. Think of a golden pendant lamp or a classy one in a neutral color. It will make your sofa corner really stylish and also it will give that cozy vibe you need for reading comfy in your sofa or sitting with your friends.

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6. Add a cozy chair next to your sofa

Now, let’s talk about the details and what says cozy more than a cool rocking chair or any modern chair that’s styled with a furry pillows or a cool cover. Also, think about velvet, Earthy tones or pick an elegant armchair that screams comfort and has a cozy look.

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