5 Reasons You Should Go with Quartz for Your Kitchen Countertop

The battle for space in your kitchen rages on with the battle over the best countertop materials. Over the years, different types of countertops have taken the lead in fashion and design. Marble and granite have had their moments, but recently quartz has caught up as one of the hottest countertop materials on the market. Improvements in the quartz manufacturing process have made it into the most versatile countertop product. Companies can mimic the high-end look of marble and granite countertops at a more affordable price. Quartz also comes in a much larger variety of colors, shades, and shapes. It’s the kitchen designer’s dream material. Here are five of the top reasons you should choose quartz for your new kitchen.

  1. The Options Are Endless with Quartz

When people spend thousands of dollars on their kitchen countertops, they want options. So many people who opt for granite or marble have to choose from whatever limited selection is available at the time. They also have to consider what they’ll do if a portion of their countertop is damaged. If a slab breaks, you never know if the same color or pattern will be available. People have been up a creek trying to handle mismatched marble veining and shades. Not so with quartz. Quartz is so beloved because of its manufacturing process. Resins are mixed in with crushed quartz and other materials. Different resins can change the color and pattern of quartz slabs into practically anything. It’s the perfect choice for people who love high-end finishes but have a limited budget. Their kitchens can look like they have the finest marble slabs in the world. Quartz is also fantastic for people who want something unique. If you want black, yellow, or even purple countertops, it’s possible. If you are in need of a new countertop, you can find customizable countertops made of quartz at Marble.com. Quartz can also be molded into practically any shape. It’s ideal for kitchens with a one of a kind layout.

  1. Quartz is the Eco-Friendly Choice

Most homeowners want to do their part with conservation. Practically everyone who spends money on an upgrade or renovation wants to know they aren’t causing unnecessary harm. While the mining industry has come a long way in recent years, quartz still stands out as the top choice for being environmentally friendly. One of the nicest things about quartz is that it’s often manufactured with waste from other countertops or stone products. Inevitably, when working with stone, there is scrap that’s thrown off and useless to the manufacturer. Quartz makers scoop up what they want and use it to make unique patterns and colors in their countertops. The quartz-making process in many ways prevents more pollution because it’s using product that would otherwise have been discarded. People with quartz countertops love knowing they’ve done their part. Going eco-friendly also helps a lot of quartz companies control cost. Their sourcing costs are lowers, so buyers get more benefit from choosing quartz.

  1. Quartz is Very Durable

There’s almost nothing worse than spending for beautiful kitchen countertops only to have them stained or cracked down the road. Of course, some aging is to be expected with any countertop, but choosing quartz helps tilt the longevity odds in your favor. Quartz is practically impossible to break or scratch. The production process makes it extremely hard. Other, more fragile materials require special care and sealants to keep them looking nice. Quartz is solid and you don’t have to worry about kids or anyone else being rough with them. They’ll still look great years down the road. Quartz is also non-porous. Other countertop materials must deal with the fact that they’re one hundred percent natural stone. That means they have tiny little holes that water or that spilled glass of wine can seep into. If left alone too long, spills can get trapped in the pores and damage the countertops with stains.

The only thing owners need to keep in mind when choosing quartz is that it is not especially heat resistant. The resins inside quartz that make is so beautiful could melt if extremely hot items like a boiling pot are placed directly on the countertop. That could cause the resins to change colors, and your countertops could show some staining or discoloration. It’s not easy to stain quartz countertops, but it’s just something everyone who buys quartz should be aware of. Your seller or installer can give you specific information on how much heat it can stand.

  1. Quartz is Virtually Maintenance Free

As we’ve previously mentioned, other countertop materials require constant cleaning and regular maintenance. At the very least, they require annual sealings be applied to keep out dirt and liquids. Quartz is the most maintenance-free choice for kitchen countertops. Basically, all you have to do is clean the countertops with a moist cloth and soap. The manufacturing process makes the surface non-porous, so no sealing is necessary. Quartz is the best choice for people who know they don’t always have the time to keep a keen eye on their kitchen. It’s great for families on the run or people who are away from home a lot working or traveling. You can leave with peace of mind knowing that your kitchen will be in great shape when you return.

  1. Quartz Countertops are a Good Investment

Even though most everyone loves to think they’ll live the rest of their lives in her or his homes, it’s not often the case. People spend a ton of time remodeling, decorating and caring for a house. For many, it represents their largest investment of time and money. However, almost all homebuyers will live in multiple homes over the course of their lives. Kitchens, and what kind of countertops are inside, play a huge role when it comes time to sell. Even if you paid top dollar for the rarest marble in the world, if it’s cracked and stained when you sell, no one will care. Quartz countertops keep their value because they’ll be in top condition when you sell your place.

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