8 Easy tricks in making an interior cozier with rug layering

A rug shapes a room – it can add color, it can define a style with a print, it ads texture, personality and of course, a cozy vibe. That’s why we love so much rug layering, a cozy option that can give that hygee feeling to an interior. So check out these eight easy tricks of cozy rug layering:

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1. Bring ethno accents to a room.

Mix a printed black and white ethno rug with a cool raffia rug and choose the same shape for them – round or rectangular. This idea will work wonders in a Californian home, a boho, Moroccan or ethno inspired space. Also, this cool ethno mix looks super cozy because of the furry rug that’s in a great contrast with the raffia one.

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2. Give texture to a room

If you have a big living room, instead of a big rug, try mixing two rugs for a great texture and shape. Pick one with a geometrical print like a striped one in a classy scheme or a colorful one and mix it with a simple one with a great texture. Also, when we’re talking more rugs and texture we’re instantly thinking about a cozy vibe.

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3. Vacation feeling

This cozy ethno rug mix will give a vacation twist to any room of your home. So, choose two ethno rugs with frills and make a gorgeous layering scheme in your bedroom, living room or even kitchen space.

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4. Exotic twist

Mix a statement raffia rug with a gorgeous and colorful rug with ethno or geometrical elements. The room will feel cozy, but also, happy, tropical and ready for a long summer.

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5. Choose an irregular style

This modern way of layering is super cozy and it’s absolutely perfect for rugs with the same color and print. Choose it for your living room and dining space and enjoy this unique space you will have.

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6. Choose different shapes

Pick an animal skin rug and mix it with round and rectangular carpets. Think of the same style when you choose them and make sure one of them has a neutral color scheme. This deco idea is perfect for a rustic, Californian or boho space.

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7. Same pattern, yet a pop of color

In a neutral room, try making a rug layering by choosing the same rug style. But, choose one that’s big and defines the room and one that’s small, but has a bold color and gives contrast and a bold twist to a room.

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8. Neutral and frills

A cute and small ethos rug with frills can really change the look of a room. So, choose it for a neutral, Scandi or boho space and add it on top of a statement neutral rug. You can place it in a rectangular way or in an irregular shape using the diagonal of the big rug to look cool.

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