5 Easy rules to follow when mismatching dining chairs

Hey, I’m Silvia and I’m obsessed with bags as I am with chairs! But why is that? Well, in my opinion chairs can define a space, for example, in my home everybody compliments my velvet chairs. Also, chairs are easy to match or change and there are so many options, models and colors out there for you so it’s hard to get enough of them.

Right now, mismatched chairs are a huge trend and they truly look amazing all mixed up, in different styles or shapes. But, when following some simple rules or tricks of mixing chairs can become a real work of art for your living room or dining space. So, here are five easy rules to follow when mismatching dining chairs:

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1. When choosing the color:

If you want a colorful dining area with chairs in different colors you should stick to the same model or at least pretty similar models like an Eames chair and armchair. Also, to have a perfect colorful chair mix stick to a classic model, it will look fantastic. If you want to mix different chairs make sure you use a similar or neutral color palette.

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2. When mixing them by period of time:

Some people really love mixing chairs from the same decade or period of time. Think about an art deco chair mix or a Seventies one, they will look pretty amazing! Other say that it doesn’t matter if you mix different decades as long as you are aware of the shape of the chair and you try to pick similar shapes to add unity and also if you choose them in pairs.

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3. When mixing vintage and new chairs:

An easy trick you can apply here is mixing one new and one old chair model of the same brand or type. Also, when making a dining table, choose vintage chairs to go on the head on the table, having more personality and decorate the rest of the table with new chairs. Moreover, try to pick similar heights for them and mix elegant and industrial styles for a cool look.


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4. The best chair models for mismatching:

The wishbone chair is amazing because it always looks creative and different and will definitely stand out in a dining space. The Hoffman side chair is elegant, chic and a true classic, while the Thonet chair really gives a bistro vibe to any kind of dining space. Also, you can never go wrong with an Eames or a Tullip chair or the always futuristic looking Kartell Masters chair.

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5. The perfect number

You need to have some sort of unity when choosing them, at least a pair of the same model. Also, mix and match pairs, adding one in from of the other, in a diagonal or choose one model, the next one, and then, repeat. It’s all about the perfect mix and unity to have that perfect look. If you already have them, rotate them until you will easily see the way they really look the best.

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