Decorating with Your AC: Is It Really Possible?

How a room is designed determines so much how a person feels when in it — it’s why we spend so much time and energy designing and re-designing our homes. Because of this, interior designers would really want to know what a room is for to help them pick what colors they’re going to use and what elements they’re going to add. Red, for example, is used in kitchens and dining areas because the color stimulates appetite. Green paint or even actual plants are added in living areas because people are expected to relax and unwind there, and the colors of nature has that soothing effect.

For sure, not all items in a room are there for aesthetic purposes. Some are there to serve very specific functions. One of such items is the air conditioner. This machine helps regulate the room’s temperature, especially during summer when the heat  is just sweltering. However, the AC can be a challenge to integrate with the overall look and feel of a room.

Of course, just because it’s challenging doesn’t really mean it’s impossible. In this article, some tips on how to incorporate the AC to a room’s overall design are discussed.

Carefully plan where the AC is going to be installed.

If you are planning to have an air conditioning unit installed in a room, carefully think of where you are going to have it installed. Do you want it away from eye level? If yes, you should really make sure that your AC is within the capacity of the sensors in its remote controller. You surely don’t want a scenario wherein you’d need to elevate yourself using a chair just to turn on your AC.

If putting the AC up high is going to be a hassle when it comes to AC maintenance, you can opt to just have it a bit hidden or obscured by other elements in the room.

There are now a lot of smart and creative ways to keep this item hidden. Some homeowners are creative enough to come up with custom covers that look like a cabinet or crate, depending on which suits the overall feel of the room better. Others are more straightforward, and they just paint the surrounding walls with a color that matches the color of the AC.

Highlight other aspects of the room so that attention doesn’t go to the AC.

If you feel that your AC’s color and shape make it look like an out-of-place element, you can remedy this by highlighting other room elements. For example, if your room has a nice big window that offers a panoramic view of what’s outside, you can pour all your design efforts to making this feature perceptually salient. You can install drapes around it, add little potted plants, or even have it framed in such a way that it majestically demands attention. You see, sometimes the eyes just need to be bombarded with the beautiful stuff so that they don’t see anymore the unsightly ones.

Whether or not an AC is a design downer depends a lot on the preferences of the inhabitants. If you are one of those who find it an ultimate distraction, then following the recommendations in this article is going to be a good first step for you.

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