10 Dreamy vintage finds that are back in style

In the last years home decor is focusing more and more on fabulous vintage inspired elements, making them looking more trendy with new patterns or colors but still keeping their retro beauty. Because these elements are more common in our homes and will be even more, here are ten dreamy vintage finds that are back in style, so start shopping:

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1. IT fan

The retro looking electronics look amazing in any home, especially when you make a music inspired corner or your decorate a side table or cabinet with them, plants and line art. So, choose a Marshall item like this tiny bluetooth speaker and make your home intelligent and retro looking. Search for one here.

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2. Lights on!

A retro floor lamp will make the whole home more stylish and with a lot of personality. Also, you know it will always be showtime in your home and a great moment to have friends over. Purchase one retro lamp here.

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3. The vintage record player

Take a trip to the memory lane with a vintage record player in your favorite color. Create a music corner in your home with it and add next to this dreamy record player a vinyl storage box or a cool vinyl shelf in the same retro style. Find it here.

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4. Popcorn time!

Because we spend most of our time in our homes watching movies and having friends over, it’s time to make it the proper way! It you have a glam home or a retro inspired one, a popcorn machine will fit in great. Purchase it here.

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5. The retro fridge

More than a fridge, a piece of art and a dreamy item, a retro fridge in a bold or pastel shade will make your hallway or kitchen the more attractive room in your home.

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6. The woven lamp

The vintage woven elements are back in style and we defently love the retro inspired lamps with woven details. These lamp will look gorgeous in any room of your home, but especially on your nighstand, so find the perfect one here.

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7. Vintage bread box

Store your bread, cookies or small kitchen products or ingredients in a retro inspired bread box in a pastel shade. These boxes are back in style and will make your kitchen look like a fabulous room from the sixties. Shop one here.

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8. The retro candlestick

We love fancy and romantic nights and nothing says romance like a retro inspired candlestick with a gorgeous long candle. Add it on a coffee table or dining table and prepare a surprise dinner or a special drink. Purchase one here.

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9. Vintage coffee machine

A good coffee takes us back in time with sweet memories and a constant nostalgia of our favorite moments. So, pick a retro inspired coffee machine for your dreamy home and enjoy a well made coffee, find one here.

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10. The retro cabinet

A retro cabinet is a gorgeous storage solution and works wonders also as a shelf. Choose a versatile retro one with a vintage inspired print and make your home super stylish. Shop it here.

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