Small Scandinavian apartment in warm pastel colors

What a fun way to start the week! Yes, with this lollipop of an apartment, ha! This pastel beauty is only 35 sqm but manages to have everything. The apartment building was built in 1939 in Södermalm area in Stockholm. The home was recently renovated and given a brand new color scheme. Sage green is the star of the kitchen

Small white Scandinavian studio apartment

Unique and absolutely dreamlike turn-of-the-century small white Scandinavian apartment. The studio features a build loft bed to take advantage of the high 3.3 m ceiling an create extra space. There are many preserved original details such as a large beautiful window area, wooden floors and the fine moldings.  Superbly planned square where all functions have plenty of space with space

7 Ways to save space and organize your home

We all have imagined the idea of a dream home at one point in our life. At time goes by, that initial idea can morph in various styles and concepts and when it comes to actually purchasing our first home, we find ourselves stuck between a tight budget and a head full of grand ideas. Sooner or later, we will