8 Dreamy Small space decor ideas for 2021

Let’s check out some practical small spaces tips & tricks  and how they should look in 2021. Also, never forget that any space, no matter how tiny it is, can look amazing! So, check out 8 dreamy small space decor ideas for 2021:

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1. Back to back storage

A great way to divide a small living room is having your sofa in the middle of the room and surrounding it with different storage solutions. One of them can be a storage cabinet added just behind the sofa and another one more in front of the TV section. This way you will have extra room and also great symmetry.

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2. On the wall storage

If you have a small living room add as much as you can from your decor elements on the walls. From floating shelves, to a dreamy gallery wall or a bookcase that’s as high as the ceiling not needing that much space on the floor – these elements can make a space really gorgeous without over crowding it.

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3. Make a cozy bedroom fantasy

If you have a small bedroom than you should make it super cozy. Add lots of magic lights around the room, choose dreamy lamps and surround the space with flowers, plants and cozy elements such as knitted blankets.

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4. Bed next to the window

Placing your bed in the other corner of a small room will save space in the other half that’s left. Also, having your bed next to the window can look like the perfect reading nook for you in a corner of this room where there is lots of light.

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5. Bar area and mirrors

Even a small kitchen can have a drinking and dining area, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional one. Instead of that make a cool bar area with a wooden countertop and choose dreamy bar chairs for it in the style of your kitchen. On the wall add a statement mirror that will make the space seem bigger. Style the countertop with vases or plants to make it look like a chic bar.

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6. The multifunctional one

Open shelves are a must-have in a 2021 kitchen space and they are also multifunctional! You can use them for storage, to cook recipes and also as a small bar where you can eat and drink.

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7. The tiny dining space

If you have a small kitchen and living room or you have them both in an open space create a small dining area next to the window. Make it look like a stylish restaurant using elegant chairs, a round table (its easier to place in a room) and decorate it with flowers and candles. Enjoy dinner!

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8. The new glam

No matter how tiny they are, the new bathrooms of 2021 are super glam and artistic. Choose black steel for your shower, add green plants around the space and don’t forget about golden elements

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