5 Small kitchen ideas for 2022

Even small kitchen spaces can have it all – lots of storage, dreamy corners, a space to cook and the perfect spot for dining. So, analyzing the new trends of 2022, check out 5 Small kitchen ideas for this year:

1. A glam small kitchen

Don’t exclude having a glam kitchen if you have a tiny space. A glam space can work out in any kind of room and this trend is major in 2022. So, think about retro and golden lamps for your kitchen space and luxury looking tiles. Keep a neutral and light color scheme in this room to make it seem bigger and add lots of golden accents – for deco items or handles to make the space looking glamorous.

Moreover, mix this glam style with the farmhouse one, although it can sound weird they match perfectly! So, combine glam elements with wood, plants and choose copper elements that are both glam and farmhouse themed.

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2. Creative small kitchen

Creativity will rule 2022, so, now or never, its time to make a themed kitchen space. This space can tell a story from one of your favorite places where you love to travel and dine or it can tell the story of your favorite cuisine – French, Italian, Greek.

Another small kitchen ideas is to blend pottery items with creative souvenirs, art and items you cherish and create a space that will start a conversation and where you will love to cook and dine. Choose also iconic chairs that will make this space super stylish and chic!

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3. Art and greenery in small kitchen

Transform a simple or plain kitchen in a stylish one. All you need is a lot of plants and a lot of art. Choose plants that have enough light in this space and make also the perfect spice home garden if you love cooking.

Match these plants and your kitchen items with a lot or artistic elements like framed pictures, paintings, vintage candlesticks or sculptures and create a charming space where you will love to hang out.


4. The dark and artistic small kitchen

Dark kitchen spaces are a big trend right now and you can even make your tiny kitchen space a dark one if you have the perfect contrast. Choose a colorful kitchen but think of the mild shades of you favorite colors. For example, instead of a dark green or blue choose a medium one.

Then, you can pair it with black cabinets or tiles, but keep it mind to choose lighter colors for the wall and also pick open shelves to give the idea of more space in the room. Nevertheless, mix this elegant dark space with lots of art and create a kitchen space full of personality.

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5. Cottage inspired small kitchen ideas

The cottage style is one of the most popular styles of 2022. It’s charming, it instantly gives you childhood memories or reminds you of a calm and lovely small village or towns and its full of dreamy items. This style is perfect for a tiny kitchen because it can be full of kitchen elements without looking too crowded or cluttered.

So, choose vintage or retro inspired kitchen elements, store everything in pretty jars and mix charming deco elements all around the space. Also, choose more open shelves or cabinets with glass rather than closed cabinets, letting every item shine. Last, don’t forget to hide away just the items that don’t look that great.

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Cover photo by Stephan Julliard for House and Garden