7 Ways to save space and organize your home

We all have imagined the idea of a dream home at one point in our life. At time goes by, that initial idea can morph in various styles and concepts and when it comes to actually purchasing our first home, we find ourselves stuck between a tight budget and a head full of grand ideas. Sooner or later, we will feel somewhat disappointed by the limitations of a tight budget, but it doesn’t have to be like that. After all, grand ideas don’t have to be expensive.

When confronted with a smaller living space, whether it’s a tiny house or an apartment, you will have to get creative and make do with the space you have. Bellow are just a few ways to save space in your home, so you will avoid feeling crowded and start feeling cozy instead.


Folding desks are one of the greatest and fun inventions in my opinion. Looking at this piece, you literally have a 3-in-1 situation, where you get a cute chalkboard where you can write your schedule of the day or to-do lists and in seconds, you open it an you get a cabinet and a desk all at once! When you finish your desk duties, you fold it back up and your room suddenly feels bigger! Now, isn’t that just kind of magical?

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You want a big entertaining area with a cozy sofa, but you also dream of a bookcase or more storage space?

Consider creating your bookcase horizontally. Make use of all the space you have up to the ceiling and add some ceiling shelves with you can definitely make the most out of them. This way, you don’t need to cut down on another cabinet or on the number of chairs in the room.

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While we are on the subject, if you feel you need more space on your walls, but you still don’t want to compromise with the ground furniture, you can consider corner shelves, they are very useful when you want to storage a few books, photo frames, plants, you name it. Plus, because of their position, they bring a certain dynamic to the room, which makes it a lot more interesting. They can even substitute a nightstand if you insert them right next to the bedside.

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Another great space saver is the under bed storage units. They can be build in boxes, drawers or bins, you can make them yourself in your home or custom made. The idea is to use them smart, to store in them various objects you may not need on a daily basis, like certain type of shoes, or Winter clothing during the warm seasons, blankets and so on. This type of storage really remains hidden so that is one cool aspect of it.

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In a similar way as the folding desk, you can also invest in a folding table if you need extra space in the kitchen or your home is missing a proper eating area. There are models available even on wheels so you use it where ever you like or need. Once again, after you use it and fold it back, the room suddenly feels bigger.

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If you really don’t have room for more shelves or a cabinet, think about a wall organizer, however if you don’t have available wall, you can install it against the back of the door and you suddenly have storage for all your books, jars, or purses, depending on the room you install it. So it can be like an open pantry, or a smaller version of an accessory closet. The best part is that it doesn’t occupy much space and it never bothers you.


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This is a cool way to save space, without creating a clutter nightmare. Floating shelves are not a new invention, however you can get inventive and install them on the side of a bigger cabinet, instead of a wall, like in the bellow example. This way, you are close by the most used items in the room and you don’t have to create space for an extra drawer or waste time searching for those exact objects in other storage units. Once everything is organized in your immediate sight, your life becomes easier, for sure.

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