Home decor trends for 2022

2022 is just around the corner and if you are thinking of buying your first home or remodel the one your already have, you might want to think about choosing a style first and then think about the details. We know, there is a lot of information out there and many people say what is cool and what is out

6 Minimalist home decor ideas to try

When it comes to decorating your home in a minimalist style, you have to declutter both your mind and your surrounding space, after all, the saying “less is more” certainly applies here. You might think that diving into this style means it doesn’t require much thought when in fact, it can become very complicated to just add the items that

Cozy Winter home decor tips you have to check out

Temperatures are dropping and before you know it, we will begin to bundle up in layers of knits and blanket scarves to face the cold weather, but what about the inside of our home? Sure, we have heating to preserve a warm temperature, but how do you make it cozier so you can feel warm inside too? I found a

7 Ways to save space and organize your home

We all have imagined the idea of a dream home at one point in our life. At time goes by, that initial idea can morph in various styles and concepts and when it comes to actually purchasing our first home, we find ourselves stuck between a tight budget and a head full of grand ideas. Sooner or later, we will