Repair Costs For A Roller Shutter Garage Door

Faulty motors, broken springs, and dents need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Costs vary from $30 to $1500, depending on the issue.

The garage door of your home provides shelter & security to your vehicles. It adds curb appeal to your house. But we often take the garage door for granted unless it finally breaks down, causing you tons of troubles & unnecessary expenses.

A garage door will face the unyielding fate of breaking down eventually. As a garage owner, go through the repair process of your garage door. It’s important to have a clear idea about the potential problems and consequences you will probably face.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the types of problems and the costs most garage owners encounter with a roller shutter door:

Typical Problems Of Roller Shutter Doors

Before estimating the repair cost, you need to know the most commonly occurring problems associated with a roller shutter door.

1. Wear & Tear

All things decay over time. The same goes for your garage roller shutter door. Gradually, your garage door will stop working efficiently. In most cases, you will notice the door getting stuck.

However, in such cases, the best thing to do is to replace the door. You can repair it as well, but that will increase the risk of fatal injuries.

2. Bad Weather

If the weather becomes freezing cold where you live, you will face the garage roller shutter door freezing quite often. This can reduce the durability of the door. Winters in Newbury, England can get harsh, and if you find signs of your door breaking down, then contact the local professionals for necessary roller door repairs immediately.

3. Unintentional Damage

Accidents can happen. A car may hit your garage door, and children may damage your door while playing in front of your garage with football or basketball or other things. Without understanding what got damaged, you should never try to repair it on your own.

If any mechanism got disrupted accidentally, a professional can assess accurately what went wrong & what measures would be the best.

4. Damaged Motor

The motor is a crucial part of your garage roller shutter door. It opens & closes the garage door for you.

However, the motor has a short lifespan of 6 years. If you find that your motor is not working as it should, then look for any probable damage, broken springs, or bad fittings.

Your motor will also affect the garage door opener. If you need to buy a new opener, then analyze the weight and drive type of the garage door and purchase an opener accordingly.

The following factors are mainly responsible for damaging a motor.

1. Broken Springs

The torsion springs of a garage roller shutter door balance the weight when pulled up/down. It’s of utmost importance to know the door is perfectly balanced. Because of broken torsion springs, your door may open/close unevenly & dangerously.

2. Jammed Tracks

Tracks provide resilience for the doors, so you may mount the doors safely. However, several factors cause the tracks to get jammed. If the tracks get jammed, you will face the risk of the garage door falling unexpectedly. A jammed track can lead to severe injuries, motor burning out, etc.

It is important to check often for any problems with the tracks.

Types of Problems & Repair Costs

The below-mentioned repair costs may vary from county to county:

1. Door Replacement

When it comes to door replacement, you need to consider some factors such as door material. If you have a wooden door, you need to spend around £200-£300. For aluminum or steel doors, it would be $150-$200, & for composite or fiberglass doors, the cost will be approximately $100-$200.

Again, the style of the door is also a concerning factor. The carriage style has fewer parts & may not need total replacement. The sectional style comprises more parts, & the signal panel type is complex in design & will require a complete replacement.

On average, consider the amount between £100 to £1500, depending on the severity of the problem.

2. Door Panel Replacement

Unless you want to buy a new one, it will take around £80-£1000 for panel replacement, excluding labor costs. Consider an additional £250-£500 for the labor.  However, a new door panel will require £750-£1500.

3. Cost Of Fixing Dents

Dents are common with the door panel. If your door is made of steel or aluminum, you’re lucky. The cost of fixing the dents will be somewhere between £100 & £300.

Repairing dents is simple, & you won’t need to pay any additional labor cost.

However, if you have dents in your wooden garage, you will have to replace the whole panel. In the case of severe accidents, you may have to purchase a new garage door.

4. Spring Cost

Springs are vital parts of a garage roller shutter door. But you should take a professional’s help for installing or repairing a spring as it poses a grave risk. Spring replacement price is £30 to £200, depending on the quality & an additional labor cost of £150-£350.

5. Door Cable Cost

You need to pay £90-£350 for the cable, including the replacement charge.

6. Door Roller Cost

The door roller cost is between £90-£190. Be careful about the rollers because they may break if they fall on the ground or a vehicle.

7. Door Maintenance & Adjustment Cost

You need to call in a professional once in one or two years to do a thorough inspection. It usually costs between £150-£350, depending on the area. A professional will do manual checking, adjust spring/belt tension, & lubricate the door.

DIY or Hire A Professional?

To put simply, you need to be a DIY expert & confident enough to make the call. If you think you are capable enough & have enough experience to locate the problem source, go for it. However, there is always the risk of the roller shutter falling while repairing, & this can cause severe injuries.

Due to this, it’s advisable to hire a professional. A professional knows all the ins & outs of a garage roller shutter door & has vast experience in this field.

Final Thoughts

Repairing a garage roller shutter door can be arduous, given the complexities of many parts of the door. That’s why you should conduct routine maintenance. If the door needs repairing, hire a professional to get the job done safely.

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