What Size Garage Door Opener Do I Need? 

This type of opener makes the opening and closing of your garage doors a lot easier hence effortlessly. The size of the garage door opener one needs in their garage will always vary based on certain factors.

The factors one should look out for in selecting the right size of opener for your garage door include:

  • Weight;
  • Drive type;
  • How often it is used;
  • Door opener that matches your garage type.

In the case of a wooden double car garage door, a 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall ¾ horsepower opener is the solution. Those that its dimensions exceed the above measurement, one horsepower, or more than this can help reduce straining and regular call for emergency garage door repair. The opener with at least ½ horsepower is suitable for residential purposes.

The most popular motor used is the ½ HP and ¾ HP. The latter is used mainly for garage doors made out of heavy wood. ½ HP is, however, the most selling in the market. This is mainly suitable for those using electric door openers in their garage.

Some factors that will help you select the right size of garage door opener are;

Your Garage Door Characteristics

The features of your garage door will play a big part in helping you select how much horsepower the opener you want will require. A heavy door will require more in comparison to a lighter one in terms of lifting both of them. This is why you need Newmarket garage door repair.

In addition, size and weight will help you know what size of an opener is suitable for your garage door. With time most homeowners consider measuring the width and height of their garage doors with the use of tape measure this makes them know what they have. If you have a single garage door opener, this will go with a smaller opener, whereas double doors require more horsepower.

Materials Used for Your Garage Doors

Knowing the kind of material that composes your garage door will aid in knowing the compatible door opener and its size that suits it. Some doors are heavier while others are not hence making a difference in the opener that is in use. Doors made out of woods will need a more powerful motor as they need more power than the actual opener. Standard uninsulated steel doors are lighter and don’t utilize more power.

It is worth noting, before purchasing a door opener for your garage, one should know that insulation on any type of garage door will add weight hence requires a larger opener.

The Drive Types

The size of your garage door opener will also rely on the type of drive type in use. A single-car garage door can use a chain-driven opener without causing damage to the motor. However, a double car garage door might use a screw drive

Different types of door openers are;

  • A central rubber driven trolley;
  • Jackshaft opener;
  • Central chain drove trolley.

As much as we want the best outcome when installing the garage door opener, it is advisable to contact a professional to install it if you do not have the expertise or knowledge.

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