How to design your ideal garage

Ever considered adding a garage to your home? You might want to, as research suggests that sticking one onto your property offers on average a 5% boost to your home’s overall value. When you consider all the uses a garage can offer on top of the ROI, that makes it a pretty worthwhile investment indeed.

With so many potential purposes to a modern garage, from the stereotypical “man garage” through to a secret entertainment hideaway or a home for your new lease car, designing your ideal setup warrants a lot of care and attention. If the first paragraph of this article has sold you in on the garage dream, here are four key steps to consider before passing go.

Visualise your idea

No, not spiritually, but in the form of a sketch, detailed plan or by using a 3D tool to create the foundations of your design. These days, you can get all sorts of garage design apps and software to help you create your dream vision without the need to call in the pros. You can get some help of course – especially if you’re not a dab hand with tech or a pencil.

Work out the budget

Checkatrade reckons the average cost of a new garage sits at around £18,000-£30,000, which is a pretty penny or two to be spending on an extension. With such a sizeable financial commitment in front of you, it’s essential you do the sums on exactly how much your garage is going to cost, with some all-important wiggle room in material/labour costs accounted for, too.

The last thing you want is to get halfway through your project and find that you’ve run out of money, so make sure the financials are in order before the first brick is laid.

Get that all important planning permission then grab your materials

Another thing to make sure before that first brick goes down for any extension is that that brick is allowed to be there in the first place. Even though it’s your property and land, it’s not an absolute certainty the council will be happy for you to extend on it, particularly if your home is a listed building, for example.

The good news when it comes to building a garage is there’s no planning permission required, as long as you stay within certain parameters and modes of use. You can find out all about them through

Once you’ve got the all clear, then you can start blowing your carefully considering budget on the materials you need.

Let the professionals take care of the tough stuff

With that rather noticeable price tag mentioned earlier in mind, you may be inclined to take as much of a DIY approach as possible when it comes to your garage build as to save on labour costs. That’s all well and good, as long as you understand and stay within your limits as a handyman and general garage builder person (not the technical name).

Try some work beyond your skillset, and you risk not only causing a mess but also hurting yourself in the process. Knowing when to call in the pros will not only see the job done better and more efficiently, but it could also save you money against having to rectify a costly error.

Designing and building your ideal garage isn’t a job that can be done overnight, but with more technology and services available to you as well as slacker planning permission rules these days, it is something more easily done than ever before. Your role in the whole thing? Plan your idea careful, budget well and know your limits. Remember those three common sense elements and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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