Modern Ranch Design Takes its Cue from Nature

About 46 million Americans currently live in rural areas and that number is predicted to rise to 64 million in upcoming years. The current global health situation (among other factors) has upped the attraction factor of living in wide open spaces surrounded by nature – places that serve to heal body and mind owing to the stress-busting powers of the Great Outdoors. Those buying large tracts of land in southern states such as Texas are finding their inspiration in nature when it comes to décor, as is evident in current trends in modern ranch design.
Shedding Light on the Matter
Natural light , particularly in the daytime, can significantly improve issues such as poor sleep, depression, and seasonal affective disorder – which is just one reason why modern ranches are ‘letting the light in’ through key design features. Moreover, those who opt for acreage for sale in Texas and other green states often do so to enjoy majestic views over rolling hills, lakes, and other natural features. Glass walls and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors enable families to do just that, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living. In cutting-edge ranch design, glass walls and partitions acoustically insulate rooms and filter the vast majority of UVA rays so as to keep furniture in a perfect state. For interior partitions, these walls are framed in steel and other metals that add a modern, minimalist touch to rooms that are otherwise characterized by their penchant for natural materials on flooring and walls.
Photo by Jessica Johnston on Unsplash
Bringing the Outdoors In
Just a few natural materials being used to lend a natural element to indoor living are stone/rock (used in dry-laid or mortared walls), bamboo (or eco-friendly wood-effect laminate) on floors, and reclaimed or faux wood on beamed ceilings. Some homeowners opt for beams painted in the same color as the ceiling but most still opt for the delightful contrast between light paint and the warm, rich hue of wood. Cathedral ceilings, simple beamed ceilings and arched ceilings with a few exposed wood beams are just a few ideas when it comes to elevating wood. These ceilings work well with touches of wood in other features such as furniture, banisters, or mezzanine railings.
Embracing the Colors of Nature
Ranch interiors traditionally bore a simple, neutral aesthetic but today, designers are inviting homeowners to embrace more color in their interiors, owing to the powerful effect that specific hues can have on mood and wellbeing. This aim is being achieved in subtle ways – include the use of beautifully veined marble on central kitchen islands and countertops, the use of mixed metals in furniture, lighting, and décor details, and the embellishment of furniture such as chairs, lamps, and display interiors with small pops of color in vivid tones such as turquoise, pink, or lavender.
Modern ranch design seeks to celebrate the wonder of living in the countryside. Features such as glass walls, natural materials, and wooden-beamed ceilings work together to achieve this aim. Although Nature is nearly always the key element of ranch design, warmth and vitality are also key and they can be achieved through the incorporation of colorful or warm lighting, furniture, and accessories.
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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