7 Nature inspired spaces we love in 2021

The new year brings us closer to nature and the new season that’s soon to come asks for more nature in our dreamy home. So, check out 7 nature inspired spaces we love in 2021:

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1. A romantic vibe

Nature and gorgeous fresh flowers can easily be synonymous to romance. Mix them with tree branches, leaves and white candles and you will have the perfect setup for an indoor or outdoor table setup.

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2. Ethno details

This season a nature inspired home can also mean a neutral one where you mix and match nature inspired deco elements and furniture made of wood, glass, stone, clay, rattan or different woven elements. These elements get more personality with a bohemian inspiration and you will love the calm vibe any room in this style and color palette will have.

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3. Calm vibes

For a beautiful nature inspired home embrace the wabi sabi style and choose low furniture and a neutral color scheme. Decorate a wooden coffee table with three branches and long candles and make the perfect relaxing oasis in your own home.

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4. Feels like vacation

Bring the outdoors indoors with a gorgeous table setup with nature inspired furniture. Decorate the chairs with cozy neutral and ethno inspired blankets and add pampas elements on the table to focus on the same neutral color scheme.

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5. Simple and stylish

Choose less furniture, but make sure the one you choose really makes a statement. Choose stylish woven chairs and mix them with glam elements, neutral furniture and a cool oversized plants or tiny home three that will capture the attention.

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6. Relaxing vibes

For the new warm season choose a pink wall for your bedroom and pair it will lovely neutrals and white. This relaxing room asks for green plants or lovely three branches in vases that will constantly remind you of nature.

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7. Calm all the way

The perfect style to choose for a calm and relaxing space is the ethno one inspired by the lovely Morocco. Choose woven lamps and stools, add different pillows to sit on and make a warm and cozy place where you and other people will love to hang out.

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