Do #TileCare Right: 6 Ways To Show Your Flooring Some Love!

Just like our houses – Our floors, too, are special. Every floor is unique and needs to be showered with love accordingly. It can be annoying to get your floors ruined or stained. Not only does this mess with the appearance of your home, but it’s also terribly unhygienic! Often, people realize their flooring problems when it’s too late or irreversible. But that’s not all. Sometimes, you may end up finding this article on the internet and that should help you out! Check out some of the multiple ways to ensure a clean sweep of your floor at all times. Keep reading. 

#1 Every Week Mopping

If you are noticing dirt and dust collecting on your flooring, it’s pretty ordinary. To make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand, you need to assign a day to wet mop them! The abrasion of the floors will significantly reduce if they’re mopped more frequently. If there is a certain area that you tend to use a lot, then mop it a lot more than just twice. 

#2 Protection For The Floor – Floor Mats

There are plenty of markets that sell good quality mats to make sure that all dirt doesn’t settle on the floors. This includes sand, oil, food substances, any other liquids, etc. Mats are most effective in areas like outside your bathrooms, sinks, and kitchen, but sometimes putting them in areas where you can predict wear and tear can be massively helpful to preserve their good condition.

#3 Tile Cleaning Product 

Every surface requires a different type of product. We all love glass and if you’re looking to clean some of your glass surfaces, ensure that you use a non-abrasive cleaning compound. If you have unglazed flooring at your home, then it is advisable to use a concentrated tile cleaner that consists of a neutral pH. This will be way easier and safer to remove all the spills. 

#4 Organic Floors Require Organic Hacks

The rustic and authentic look of your homes can be costlier than you think. Check out some necessary tips from us – 

  1. Stray away from acidic products like Vinegar, etc.
  2. One tends to use Ammonia and Bleach, especially if not cleaned your floors before. But avoid these as well!
  3. A microfiber mop is a good way to get rid of spots, stains, and other dirt attached to the floors. Do this with the help of some hot water or even a steamer. 
  4. Avoid any type of chemicals! Maintain the natural and rawness of the floors even when cleaning them.

#5 Floors With Finishes

Got your hardwood floors made for your new home? But wait, have you decided how you’re going to clean them? To figure out how to maintain them, you must first find out the finish of your floor: whether it is polyurethane or wax. If your floor has a wax finish, make sure that you mop, sweep and vacuum the floors as much as you can – Especially if they are accessed frequently. Also, one important tip: refrain from washing it. 

#6 Carpets – The Eternal Saviour!

The cherry on the top of the cleaned floor is an effective tile and carpet cleaner– Carpets usually serve as protection for your tiles – There is a way to clean them as well. You could either pick a detergent-based solution that works best for cleaning or a home-made product that’s a safer alternative. All you will need is detergent and water – and whoosh! A clean carpet awaits you. A good baking soda rub is helpful to remove stains. Similarly, if you mix orange peels and some vinegar, you can use it on almost any surface – tiles, floors, bath surfaces, kitchen areas, etc. 


We’ve reached the end of the article but the seemingly painstaking process has been simplified for you. Now, no more panic-searching steam cleaning machines for tile grout, it’s time to do the cleaning and washing and effectively, too! Let us know if this article helped you and encouraged you to get your hands dirty!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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