Take Your Staircase Design to the Next Level with these Tips

When working on your home’s new design, you might focus on the kitchen, bedroom and the living room. But, did you know there are other areas of your home that you might have overlooked and that can make a huge aesthetic difference? The staircase is often forgotten because it is a small area, although a lot of design elements can be fit into this relatively small space. Since your staircase is the bridge between different floors of your home, here are some tips to help you make it look even better.


Most areas of your house can be improved aesthetically by hanging a few art pieces, and your staircase is no different. Adding art not only helps enhance your staircase’s look, but it also does so without taking up any additional space. Also, the art you add can help improve the overall look and feel of your home as well as help tie the different elements you have in there together.

You can choose between one large piece of art or create a gallery that flows with the stairs. If you have additional pieces of art around the house, you can switch between the art at your staircase with that around the home to freshen and liven things up.

Railings and Balustrades

An architecturally interesting staircase looks beautiful and can be a great way of giving your home some personality. Changing the balustrades and railings can be a fairly challenging project but the result will be worth it. Additionally, changing your balustrades and railings can be done without having to knock down the whole staircase.

Rethinking your railing and balustrades is a great way of transforming the look of any home. For example, a timber balustrade installed by a company like Majestic Stairs adds warms as well as some texture to your home. Glass and clear acrylic, on the other hand, can add a modern, sophisticated feel. Majestic Stairs, a Perth based designer, manufacturer and installer of staircases and balustrades, can give you the exact look you are going for regardless of whether you are looking to have a glass, stainless steel or timber balustrade installed.


In many homes, there is not enough space on the landing for additional furniture. However, you can add decorative furniture at the base of the stairs and around it. Adding one piece of furniture here can transform that space from looking empty and abandoned to looking functional even when the pieces of furniture added there are for decoration only.

If you have a structural staircase, try adding low-profile and heavy furniture. For narrower and simpler staircases, you can add a lightweight piece of furniture to supplement it. If you are not sure what would work, try different pieces until you find one that fits well. You can always check more staircase ideas if you don’t know what you like.


Lighting is very important because it makes your staircases a lot safer, but a few tasteful lights can transform the look of your staircase. If you have a pendant light, you can hang it above the stairs if they are too steep to make them look a lot less menacing. Well-placed lights in the walls or floor can illuminate the stairs and make them look better. If you do not have any of these, LED strips work just as well. LED strips also give you the ability to change their colours according to your mood and settings.

Stairs as Bookshelves

If your stairs have a large enough rise, you can add a bookshelf under them. This is especially useful for houses and apartments that are not too spacious. The books you keep on these bookshelves under the staircase can make the room look more colourful, thereby helping enhance the look of the house.

Providing Contrast and Colour

If your house’s walls are painted white or any other bright colour, you can use your stairs to provide some contrast and colour to the house. If you have wooden stairs, you can paint them using a varnish that makes it colour pop more. Otherwise, consider adding carpets that add a bit of colour to the house.

The steps are not the only thing you can use to add some colour to the room as you can also paint the railings a bright colour to make them pop.

Add Fun Wallpaper

In addition to adding art on the wall beside your stairs, you can also add wallpaper to that wall to make it stand out or blend better with the rest of the house. Just ensure the wallpaper is of high quality because it will be touched and rubbed against a lot which will increase tear and wear.

Even though the staircase is often forgotten, there are lots of fun things you can do on, with, around and under it to make it look better. Just remember that whatever you do matches the rest of the house because it is possible to make your staircase stand out in exactly the wrong way.

Photo by Alexander Zvir from Pexels

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