8 Gorgeous farmhouse inspired living rooms that will wow you this season

A new living room trend is making a huge comeback this season – the farmhouse style. Often seen in kitchens, this style is making room in our living areas with chic and glam accents and nature inspired deco elements and furniture. So check out 8 gorgeous farmhouse inspired living rooms that will wow you this season:

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1. Attention to details

The farmhouse style can be a mix of styles, reuniting retro, classic and nature inspired furniture into a calm interior with a vintage twist. And since the furniture is pretty classic, the details will be the stars of this space so make you sure you choose trendy and unique deco pieces for your dreamy farmhouse inspired living room.

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2. A living room with a cozy nook

Modernize your farmhouse living room with nature inspired and Moroccan elements, these details will look amazing with traditional furniture in white or in a neutral color scheme. As for the star of this dreamy space, choose a gorgeous woven egg chair and hang it from the ceiling.

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3. Mysterious diner

Even a dark color palette can work fantastic in a farmhouse living room or dining space. Choose shades that resemble the color of Earth mixed with the dreamy and fall themed terracotta shade or rust and pair them with farmhouse furniture and nature inspired deco elements.

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4. Minimal vibes

Choose a minimal look for your living room and pair farmhouse deco elements and furniture with nature inspired pieces that can make a statement in a room. A gorgeous wooden coffee table, a rattan chair and some dreamy tree branches will make any farmhouse furniture look modern and cool.

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5. Cozy & dreamy

Make your farmhouse inspired living room super cozy for the winter season. Add blankets with checkers, cute woven baskets filled with more blankets and a lot of comfy pillows in fall shades, all mixed with a calm neutral room.

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6. A modern approach

Choose an all neutral farmhouse inspired living room and add modern touches all around the space. Think of the pieces that are trending right now like pampas elements in vases, woven deco elements and round mirrors with a wood frame and add your favorites in your living room.

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7. Personalize it!

Add just a few pieces of furniture in your farmhouse living room and make your bookcase the star of the room. There you can mix and match farmhouse elements with framed pictures, plants and glam elements. Style and personalize your bookcase in way that will show the best your creativity.

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8. The glam twist

Make a farmhouse inspired living room super glam with a modern lamp that will be the star of this space. Then, make every pieces of furniture shine with a glam coffee table, stylish flowers or pampas elements and modern pieces of art or just a chic modern rug.

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