5 ways to transform your balcony into a plant oasis

We are living interesting times as we are forced to spend all of our time home. Meanwhile, the Earth is recovering and starting to breathe again, as the pollution has decreased considerably. It’s like a restart button is being pushed and this is how all this should be seen as – a fresh start. With so much time on our hands we now have time to rediscover what we love to do and if we don’t have the opportunity to spend time in nature, we can create our own plant oasis on our balconies. Plants can help us reconnect with nature and also with ourselves.

So, here are 5 ways to transform your balcony into a plant oasis: 


1.Go wild

If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of the nature choose many types of plants and mix them  from catuses, palm trees, fern. The 70s vibe is completed by the mid century pieces of furniture, where it was all about the natural look.


2. Plant ladder

An easy trick if you want to keep things organised is investing in a plant ladder. Choose plants of small dimensions and arrange them on the ladder. The effect is guaranteed to be amazing!


3.Maximalist way

There is nothing more relaxing than swinging in a chair in the middle of nature, but if you can’t be outside this mix of palms, flowers and ivy will replace that feeling.


4. Boho love

We love all the boho elements – the colorful rug, the ottoman and the bed,but it wouldn’t be complete without the cactuses and the other tiny plants.


5. Modern bohemian

Rattan, as we already know, is the star trend this season, as it brings the 70s vibes into present. Plants like fern or spider plant are here to complete the cozy vibe!


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