10 Easy tips to decorate a small apartment

A small home means just a little bit more home decor tricks and everything will fit in just dreamy! From a small bedroom, living room or even a tiny kitchen, here are ten easy tips to decorate a small apartment:

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1. Use mirrors to create the illusions of space

Mirrors are the best and easiest idea when you want to make a space seem bigger. This season think glam and retro and choose the stylish round mirrors with any kind of frame you wish for to decorate you lovely home.

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2. Pick a coffee or a nightstand table with extra storage

Extra storage is more than welcome in any parts or corners of your home. Since, nightstands and coffee tables are also essential in a small apartment, choose the ones that have extra storage. From and extra shelf to drawers, the extra storage will help you hide small items, book, magazines or any other home items.

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3. Use corner shelves

The corner shelves are an ingenious way to save space. The corners are most of the time the part of our home that isn’t used that often. So, choose shelves that will fit in the corners of your home and add them in any room of your home, even your bathroom.

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4. Speaking of shelves, use over the top storage

Over the top storage is a great idea for your bedroom or living room, especially for storing books you’ve read or want to read and also other elements that you aren’t using really often. Also, mix these elements with creative deco objects and everything will look simply dreamy.

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5. Also, use floating shelves

Floating shelves never look too crowded in a room, moreover, they help a space seem even bigger. So, pick them for any room of your home, especially your living room or kitchen and replace a bookcase or a kitchen cabinet with this ingenious solution.

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6. Use a cart to store your kitchen products and utensils

A cart is a very stylish solution for your kitchen space. You can store kitchen utensils as well as ingredients, jars, towels and anything that you need in your kitchen. Also, a great idea for it is that you can transform the cart in a mobile bar and easily start a party in your living room. Also, you can use this kind of cart as a great storage solution for your bathroom products.

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7. Organize your kitchen products in special boxes and baskets

The kitchen can easily get messy and crowded and it’s often the room of our home that is changed and refilled more often. So, having great organizational solutions is essential for this room. That’s why you need to use baskets, jars, boxes and anything you can to sort all your kitchen ingredients by use or category.

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8. Use pegboards to store your kitchen products

Another great storage solution is a pegboard. This cool and industrial looking idea is ideal to organize your kitchen products as well as your tools, small decorations or home items or the things you have on your desk. The result will look very original, so it’s time to get creative!

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9. Use shelves instead of cabinets or wardrobes to organize your stuff

Shelves will always need less space than a cabinet or wardrobe, so you will easily save space is you use a shelf. Choose a cool wired one that will give the subtle illusion of more space. Use it to organize your wardrobe or kitchen products for a cool and organized home.

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10. Use under the bed storage

Last but not least, your bed or sofa can become great storage solutions. Think about under the bed or sofa storage when decorating this room and store under them shoes, sheets, covers, pillow cushions and anything that is heavy and needs extra room.

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