6 Dreamy and magical small balcony ideas for an unforgettable summer

This summer make your small balcony more magical than ever and bring your friends over more often or just enjoy its beauty while reading or having your daily coffee. Here are 6 dreamy and magical small balcony ideas for an unforgettable summer:

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1. Time for barbeque

If you have a small but long balcony you will have enough room for a home barbeque corner. All its left to do is plan some parties and choose big and comfy sitting areas that will fit your balcony and be enough for all of your friends. Also decorate this dreamy space with green plants, lavender, printed pillows and covers and, of course, some magical lights.

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2. Magical summer

Make your summer magical with a few easy tricks. Start by decorating every part of wall of your balcony with dreamy lights and hanging plants. Also, add woven or origami inspired lamps all over the place, a reed fence and different nature inspired deco elements. Also, don’t forget some dreamy candles that will make everything even more magical and cozy.

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3. Scandinavian moments

For a classy and magical small balcony choose the versatile Scandinavian style. Pick neutral outdoor furniture, industrial inspired lamps and make everything super cozy with furry rugs and blankets. Also, add dreamy green plants everywhere and choose elegant white candles for the space, in different sizes and shapes.

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4. Boho inspiration

Get inspired by the boho style in decorating your small balcony. Choose reed fences and woven elements that will give your terrace a beach look. Also, add rattan furniture and bohemian inspired pillows. Speaking of these relaxed styles do add them everywhere in this themed terrace. Moreover, choose a neutral color palette for the space.

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5. Mysterious vibe

If you love spending the evening in your dreamy balcony choose a mysterious vibe for this space. Add a lot of textile lamps and also lights. Then, think of the dreamy oriental style and choose themed lamps and candles that will match perfectly a printed rug, white covers and some green plants.

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6. Romantic vibes

Are you a big romantic? Then, this is the perfect terrace for you! Summer is a pretty romantic season so choose pastels, pink and neutrals for your lovely small balcony. Choose your favorite flowers and also add furry rugs, white candles and discrete lights everywhere around this magical space. Let the romance begin!

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