7 Dreamy lazy bedrooms for an unforgettable summer

This summer sounds also pretty lazy to you? Don’t think more and just make your bedroom dreamy, cozy and relaxing and just perfect for a lazy day at home. Here are 7 dreamy lazy bedrooms for an unforgettable summer:

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1. Contemporary vibe

A mid century look is always a dream for a bedroom space. But make it really gorgeous with a retro chandelier that makes you dream while you look at it. Make this space super relaxing with landscape pictures, cozy rugs and the dreamiest oversized plants you can think of.

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2. Sky is blue

Love the sky and looking at it? Then, make the perfect bedroom in a soft shade of blue. Match it with woven or textile lamps, add your favorite plants and flowers in this space and decorate this dreamy room with different pops of color to make everything stand out.

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3. Exotic feel

Surround your lazy bedroom to make it feel like relaxing or sleeping in the nature. Besides having two nightstand you can also have two oversized plants and also calm looking framed pictures in an Earthy or forest inspired color scheme.

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4. Tropical look

Make your lazy bedroom tropical and looking like the perfect summer resort. Pick exotic sheets and pillow cushions and add themed vacation elements everywhere. Also, choose green plants and hang tropical pictures and paintings around the space.

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5. A relaxed feeling

Relaxing colors can instantly transform a space into a calm one. From soft pink, to blue, white and light neutrals, these dreamy colors will make your bedroom instantly lazy and ready for the perfect summer nap. For this color scheme choose nature inspired furniture and dreamy green plants.

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6. Calm look

This bedroom looks simply amazing. It makes me think of a Wabi Sabi bedroom, but with different heights, keeping its calm look. So, create a white canopy on top of your favorite bed that can be made from nature inspired elements. Choose floating green plants and keep everything as simple as possible in this chic room.

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7. Cozy style

A lazy bedroom can be also super cozy, because a cozy space makes you want to sleep more or just relax in the perfect nook. So choose a lot of pillows and chic covers in your bed and keep a calm color palette mixed with forest of sea themed colors.

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