Top 8 – The most stylish home plants of Pinterest

Make your home stylish with plants. This year and season plants are more popular than deco elements and can look even more beautiful. They make a space nature inspired, chic & fresh and they also have different benefits for your home. So, check out Top 8 – The most stylish home plants of Pinterest:

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1. Fiddle leaf fig

The winner of this chart is definitely Fiddle leaf fig! From a medium to an large size this stylish plant purifies air and can also control the humidity of your home. All this plant needs is a sunny spot so decorate a bright corner of your home with this dreamy fig.


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2. Snake plant

This popular plant that looks like a snake is super cool for any room of your dreamy home. Also, remember that this plant cleans air better than any another plant, eliminating toxins. Moreover, it sure makes a lot of babies so you can easily multiply it and add it in a lot of corners of your home.

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3. Money plant

This gorgeous tiny plant has a lot of benefits! Besides purifying air it also helps you keep your marriage calm and well balanced. Also, Feng Shui experts say that you should keep this plant near a WiFi router for well being in health issues.

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4. String of hearts

Isn’t this the cutest and most romantic plant you can pick for your home? Well, I absolutely adore it and it can definitely make any corner of your home truly dreamy! Place it in a spot with indirect light and just watch its impressing growing evolution.

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5. Swiss cheese plant

Another plant that can grow a lot and also has a cute name it the Swiss cheese plant. It can easily make any corner of your home nature inspired and also its big leaves help improve the air in your home in a lot of ways.

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6. String of pearls

This classy plant that looks like a string of pearls is ideal for a tiny dreamy corner of your bookcase or office space. This plant does really good if it has good light so take care of it and constantly admire its rare beauty.

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7. Fern

This plant is super stylish and grows really plant. You can let if flow from any corner of your home or give a jungle feeling to a space in your home like the bathtub corner. This stylish plant also help you with you heath issues if you suffer from dry skin and irritably dry nose or throat.


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8. Spider plant

Super easy to maintain and also stylish, the Spider plant is easier to multiply to create an indoor jungle for your dreamy home. Also, this plant is non toxic and helps purify air.

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