8 Natural home ideas for a chill summer season

Nature inspired elements, a lot of plants, a neutral color scheme and a calm vibe can explain best the term o Natural home – a trend that’s more and more present in our daily lifestyle. We love a home that has a dreamy look and a serene mood, where you can find that relaxing vibe you search for everyday and especially after coming back to work. So, check out 8 natural home ideas for a chill summer season:

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1. Calm vibes

When we talk about a natural home the bedroom is the most important room to decorate, especially because its usually the most relaxing space of a home. Mix white with neutrals and choose the same color palette for your sheets and pillows cushions. Nature inspired furniture made from rattan or wood is a great idea for this room as are the nature inspired decoration like some reed added in a minimal vase. To give this room a dreamy and wow factor choose a creative chandelier that also looks pretty relaxing. Relaxation is a benefit of mental health wellness. Check out BetterHelp.com for more on mental health and wellness.

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2. Relaxing notes

We often tend to make our living room super crowded. But here as in the other rooms you have think as minimal as possible. Choose a comfy and calm looking sofa and match it with neutral furniture, a cozy white rug and artistic framed pictures. Make this room look more natural with stylish green plants.

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3. It’s the weekend

A comfy sofa area and a cozy reading area are the perfect ingredients for a calm living room. Make this room more relaxing looking with a nature inspired coffee table, a gorgeous white lamp and green plants added in as many corners as possible.

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4. Sunday morning

The way you start a day can define the whole mood you will have through the entire day. So, make a fabulous and calm looking breakfast spot and decorate it with neutral dishes and your favorite flowers. Also, add white curtains around this space, an element that will bring a calm vibe in your dreamy home.

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5. Statement elements

Oversized plants are trending this season and them, along with small home trees, are the star of any natural home. Match them with nature inspired furniture and deco elements inspired by the chic seventies and also some neutral curtains.

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6. Mid century modern

Mix dreamy green plants with mid century elements. Together your natural inspired home will look more modern. Think of oversized green plants and a round mirror, a stylish wooden coffee table and a cool chandelier. Sounds dreamy, right?

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7. Green & brown

Green and brown is the most stylish natural color combo you can think of. It’s also pretty classy, versatile and can also look modern with a touch of gold. Choose it for your dreamy bedroom or living room and mix the furniture and deco elements you choose in green and brown with chic plants.

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8. Organize everything

The farmhouse look and the French chic style are two trends that go well together, but also two trends that look calm and relaxing. So, choose them for your dreamy kitchen and have everything organized in a farm chic way with stylish cabinets, wooden storage boxes and open shelves.

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